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  1. ADC

    Producer of custom 1911 based handguns for action shooting, duty, and defense. Based in Italy.

  2. The Amherst Depot

    Offers parts and accessories for military guns such as the M14, AR15, M1 Garand and carbine, 1911 pistol, and 1903 Springfield

  3. Auto-Ordnance

    Manufacturers of the classic Thompson submachine gun, semi-automatic versions, and model 1911 pistols. Part of Kahr Arms

  4. BC Armory

    Specializes in customizing 1911 style autos, Smith & Wesson revolvers, and Glock pistols

  5. BigBore Custom Firearms

    Features 1911 style handguns. Damascus stainless steel slides are a product focus.

  6. Ed Brown Products, Inc.

    Ed Brown Products is one of the leading manufacturers of custom handguns and aftermarket accessories for the 1911 Government Model handgun.

  7. Gunsite

    Handcrafted 1911 pistol, premium quality components, perfect balance of accuracy and reliability

  8. Hunter Customs

    Builds and sells custom 1911 style pistols and accessories. Offers a photo gallery and video of

  9. Infinity Firearms

    Custom 1911-style handguns as well as apparel and accessories. Features gun builder, online catalog, and policies
    hese guns in action.

  10. JP Enterprises, Inc.

    Offers precision barrels as well as AR and 1911 competition accessories.

  11. Kimber

    Read the firearms resource pages and learn more about this firm noted for 1911 style sidearms

  12. Les Baer Custom, Inc.

    Specializes in 1911 style firearms for competition, duty and self defense

  13. M-1911

    Offers reference data and links about the 1911 style firearm designed by the John Moses Browning

  14. Olympic Arms

    Provides data about the AR-15 style rifles, custom bolt action rifles, and 1911 style handguns made by this company.

  15. Para-Ordnance

    Features high capacity 1911 style handguns in both single and double action designs

  16. Pistol Dynamics

    Markets 1911 handguns and related performance parts designed and built by Paul S. Liebenberg for the collector, competition, and specialized law enforcement markets

  17. The Sight M1911A1

    Devoted to the lore, history, use, and future of the 1911 .45 ACP Pistol.