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Cartridges of Today
Courtesy of Sabi Custom Gunmakers Sabi

The book Cartridges of the World lists hundreds of cartridges that were once used and the ones still used only makes out a small section of the total list. The main reason for so many going out of production was determined by the old fundamental force of supply and demand. The main factor controlling supply and demand is a mighty force of economics or price. Price often determines demand and so does price also determine supply at the minimum cost.

The commercial cartridges manufactured today are all based on three base sizes, namely the belted magnums, the 8 x 57 Mauser and the 222 Rem. The rest are mainly different case lengths and necked down to different bullet diameters.

It is therefor possible to make any cartridge with any case length and any bullet diameter to achieve anything you specifically want from the three basic base sizes and case lengths to fit the action you wish to use. If you design and develop your own cartridge, it is called a wildcat. Originally wildcats were derived from cases blown out to have a larger capacity in order to achieve higher velocities than the standard caliber and was then called a wildcat, but today, all one of a kind caliber are known as wildcat or propriety cartridge.

Thus, it is possible to manufacture the rifle of almost any wildcat. We can make the case forming dies and also the reloading dies, as long as it is done on the three base sizes and existing bullets available.


  1. Alliant Powder
    Download their Reloaders’ Guide!

  2. Arms and Ammo
    Most brands of powder, primers, brass bullets, reloading equipment, tools, dies and scopes.

  3. Reloading Page
    by M.D. Smith, IV pistol & rifle loads in a variety of calibers, as well as basic information on reloading with a FAQ a very comprehensive and content rich site

  4. 7mm08 Remington Page
    Pet handloads, accuracy tips whatever you want, this page has it all

    Cartridge and Bullet Makers

  5. 2506 Remington
    The 2506 is an excellent cartridge that provides excellent ballistics and trajectory for varmint through deer sized game. The 2506 shines as an ideal duel purpose varmint and deer rifle.

  6. 9×18 Makarov
    This manual will walk you through the reloading process ; includes load data and references

  7. Barnes Ammunition
    Barnes’ original 1932 bullet remains legendary for its performance on dangerous game. In, 1989, Barnes introduced the revolutionary Barnes XBullet that outperforms all other available designs.

  8. Aguila Ammunition

  9. Berger (USA)
    Berger Bullets
    A wide selection of custom choices from .17 through .30 caliber all start with the J4 Jacket. Widely regarded as the finest jacket available, its nearly perfect wall concentricity is uniformly less than .0003. Cores are cut from lead that is 99.9% pure

  10. CCI Ammunition
    Primers, Rimfire and Centerfire Cartridges

  11. Collins Cartridge Company Inc. (USA)
    A licensed manufacturer: new ammunition is made using new Winchester or Remington brass and quality name brand jacketed bullets; remanufactured ammunition is assembled using once fired name brand jacketed bullets

  12. Combined Technology
    The Nosler/Winchester alliance provides hunters with the most advanced bullets ever produced. These advanced projectiles are so revolutionary they are the standard against which all other bullets will be judged

  13. C&R Wax Bullets
    won’t shatter on impact – they flatten like a lead bullet clean in the bore; can be used with a powder charge, not just shotshell primers approved for World Fast Draw Association competition

  14. Dakota Arms, Inc. (USA)
    A full line of proprietary cartridges

  15. Eley Limited
    World Class 22 caliber sporting ammunition; more Olympic medals were won with Eley TENEX than with all other brands combined.

  16. Fiocchi USA World Class Ammunition
    NATO supplier; Fiocchi USA manufactures shotshell ammunition along with several caliber’s of centerfire pistol cartridges.

  17. Hawk Precision Bullets
    Developer of “SOFT”(tm) copper jacketed hunting bullets. Annealing the copper jackets to a soft condition seals the bore and engages the rifling more completely, improving accuracy and eliminating gas blowby. Barrel friction is about half a hard jacket bullet and fouling is reduced

  18. Lapua Ltd.
    The great Finnish ammunition manufacturer; cartridges, cartridge components reloading powders and supplies

  19. Leadhead’s Bullets
    Gas Checked Rifle and Pistol Bullets that can be driven to velocities unattainable by most other “Silver” Bullets Companies. We use a Bullet Lubricant which allows top velocities with minimal leading and a special Leadhead alloy, then sized for match accuracy

  20. Lee Precision, Inc.
    Makers of quality ammunition at an affordable price since 1958. Great prices come from patented innovative designs; holds. founder holds more reloading tool patents than anyone dead or alive.

  21. LuckyGunner.com
    A Marvelously com-lete store featuring every king of Ammunition and quick delivery for the items you need

  22. Lyman Products
    A major manufacturer; Lyman Handbooks; Tools and Accessories; Rifle Sights; Front Target Sights; Lyman Sights; Lyman Targ-Dots; Lyman Lead and Black Powder Bullets; Shooter’s Accessories

  23. MG Arms Incorporated Custom
    Match Grade Arms and Ammunition custom loading, gunsmithing, teflon coating and ultralight rifles

  24. Magnus Bullets, Inc.
    – Match grade hard cast bullets, cleaning accessories, moly coating

  25. MRB Enterprises
    Virgin 45 ACP USGI Milspec Nickel brass.

  26. National Bullet Co.
    Complete line of cast, copper plated, and jacketed handgun bullets.

  27. Nosler Bullets for Sportsmen
    Nosler develops and makes the finest bullets possible for hunters and shooters and around the world. For big game, varmints or just plain shooting, Nosler is the bullet of choice for serious sportsmen.

  28. PMC Ammunition
    Precision Made Cartridges.

  29. Precision Bullets
    – Manufacturer of the Black Panther Bullet.; a large line of jacketed and lead bullets

  30. Rainier Ballistics
    LeadSafe Total Copper Jacket Bullets.

  31. RCBS
    Reloading Equipment; everything from the finest reloading presses to the best in reference materials.

  32. Remington Ammunition
    One of America’s largest and most reputable ammunition manufacturers

  33. River Valley Ordnance
    Once fired GI cases; 5.56mm and 50 BMG processed cases; also, pulled bullets from GI ammunition, ammunition production machinery and tools, and an ever changing assortment of inert ordnance.

  34. Sierra Bullets
    For 50 years, Sierra Bullets has manufactured of the most accurate bullets in the world. A “Tradition of Precision”; over 160 different rifle and handgun bullets

  35. Speer Bullets
    one of the first U.S. ammunition manufacturers to achieve ISO 9001 certification for quality. All engineering, manufacturing, marketing, quality assurance and service functions continue to undergo thorough ISO audits to maintain a high level of quality accreditation.

  36. Vihtavuori
    A large Finnish cartridge maker

  37. Weatherby Rifles
    The 1999 lineup of Weatherby Mark V(r) rifles includes such legendary standbys as the Mark V Deluxe (including a new Mark V Deluxe for standard cartridges) and the Accumark (now available in both right and lefthand models), along with such exciting additions as the Ultra Lightweight Magnum. Magnum or standard calibers.

  38. Winchester Ammunition
    A full line of rimfire, centerfire, law enforcement and shotshell ammunition and ammunition components by one of Americas foremost gunmakers.

  39. WOLF Performance Ammunition
    Russia’s highest quality ammunition maker.

  40. Wolf Bullets
    Canadian Manufacturer; Hard Cast and Jacketed bullets, Remanufactured Ammunition, Once Fired Brass, Patches, Timers, Roll Sizing, Reloading and Reloading Advice