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These 7 Mistakes Will Destroy Your gun safe

For those who own valuable items and you want a convenient storage mechanism for your unique needs, then the top rated gun safe on the consumer market might be the ideal investment for your needs. This is because the typical feature set and functionalities of these things has been improving and is simply outstanding. For this reason, it is highly beneficial for anyone with items such as a gun or jewelry to take care of their safe to ensure extended functionality and durability as well.

These 7 Mistakes Will Destroy Your gun safe

1. Poor storage

Perhaps one of the most common mistakes when it comes to best gun safe storage is the poor storage. Simply put, this might involve the owner placing the gun safe in locations where there are high amounts of heat or places where there are highly acidic chemicals. These types of elements can contribute negatively to the overall construction of the safe thereby reducing its quality as well.

2. Inputting the wrong code

Another important aspect that can easily damage the overall construction of the safe is when one inputs the wrong code over and over again. This might not only lead to a temporary locking of the safe mechanism, but it may also hamper the software of the best gun safe thereby hampering its ability to provide you with adequate safety for your valuable items such jewelry or perhaps guns.

3. Exposure to the weather

Another important factor when it comes to the best gun safe for the money is when the owner negligently leaves the safe on the outdoor where the safe is exposed to various weather elements such as snow, rain, and the sunshine. This type of exposure may damage the exterior steel construction of the safe by making it susceptible to high impact forces. In fact, changing weather patterns are one of the most damaging factors when it comes to these types of equipment and more.

4. High altitude falls

When the safe is exposed to high altitude falls time after time, it might become susceptible thereby making it unworthy for security storage. Therefore, safe owners who keep tend to drop their vault-safes especially from high areas especially when you reside in a building with several floors might have a tough time maintaining the overall functionalities of their safe. Therefore, it is highly important that the safe is kept safe from any high impact falls at all times to ensure long-term functionality.

5. Using the wrong battery

Furthermore, another mistake that can hamper the functionality of your safe is when you use the wrong batteries or power input method for the safe. This might not only short circuit the safe, but it may also hamper the lock mechanism thereby denying the user access to their favorite items especially when you need them the most.

6. Using the safe a tool

Another mistake that can damage your safe is when one uses it as a tool to solve different types of complications in the home. For instance, one who uses the safe as a hammer or perhaps as a unit to provide additional strength for activities might find that the safe declined in functionality over time. Therefore, it is highly recommended that one uses the safe only for the appropriate functionalities to avoid placing damage on the safe`s functionality.

7. Using the wrong spare parts

Does some aspect of your safe have some damage and requires replacing such as the biometric mechanism? Then it’s important that the owner takes the time to select the appropriate spare parts to prevent damage to the safe and its other remaining components. This will require making an informed decision by perusing the consumer market until you come across the ideal one for your unique, safe needs.


All things considered, when it comes to protecting your favorite items, there is barely any space for poor decision making. Making the correct choice for your needs always has its inherent benefits. You items are always safe from illegal access, and they are also safe from damage as well. Therefore, an excellent recommendation for users would be to try out the best gun safes that are available out there in the consumer market as a unique recommendation for your needs.

Rimfire Shooting

We try to provide you with the most complete information we can about Rifle, Skeet and Sporting Clay shooting. We update our sources constantly. Please scroll down to learn more.


  1. Centra UK
    Rearsights, foresights and filters to enhance a shooters sight picture and reduce group sizes. Aimed at target shooters.
  2. New York State
    Rifle and Pistol AssociationIncludes rules, contacts, teams, and schedules. Sporterifle is a postal competion league for sporter class 22s.
  3. Patria Lapua Oy
    Manufacturer of high quality .22 rimfire ammunition.
  4. RimfireCentral.Com
    Open discussions to help the hunters, plinkers, target benchrest shooters and the hobbyist, and to make friends on the way to further our sport.
  5. Rockin’ Rimfires
    Military copy and paramilitary style rifles chambered in .22LR. Photographs, information, message board, sources, and contact information.
  6. The Sight Ruger
    10/22 Rifle SiteMany resources for the Ruger 10/22 including diagrams, accessories, how-to articles on upgrades and maintenance, accessory reviews and links to related sites.

The Rifle hunting Society

We are the largest and most popular animal, hunting and archery information sites on the Internet. We are also the most popular after Cabela’s. Finally, we get more page views because there is so much more to see.
We started in 1997 as an all-volunteer public service to hunting. However, when our financial backers died or moved to Florida we had to take in advertising to pay expenses. No one has ever taken a penny in salary.
All our information and pictures are free and downloadable. Please scroll down to learn more.

Informational Sites


  1. Carbines for Collectors

    marvelous informational site for information on such guns as Mosin, Nagant~SKS~Mauser, Carcano~Arisaka~Steyr Mannlicher, Commission 88

  2. Mel’s Sniper Rifle Page

    A marvelous informational site for information on sniper tactics and rifles from all over the world; not fancy but very informative

Shooting Advice
Courtesy of Split Rail Outfitters

I suggest you sight your rifle in to hit 2 to 2.5 inches high at 100 yards; that will put most rifles dead on at 200 yards and 6 to 8 inches low at 300 yards. This allows you to hold right on the animal at all reasonable ranges and not worry about holding over or under. When you get it sighted in, get away from the bench and shoot it from hunting positions. Then do three things – practice, practice and practice.

Gun Makers


    Sniper rifle systems that are the first choice of the US Marines sniper teams and other professional users in elite units worldwide

  2. AR-7 Industries

    Lightweight sportsman’s version of the famous U.S. Air Force survival rifle breaks down in seconds, enabling barrel, action and magazine to fit neatly into its dirt and water resistant stock.

  3. ArmaLite Inc.(USA)
    Inventors of the AR-15; Makers of everything from .22 to .50 caliber rifles backed by the best warranty in the market

  4. Arms Corporation fo the PhilipinesAirgns; also Shotguns, Pistols, Rifles, Pellets, Rim and centerfire Ammunition: The largest Arms and Ammunition maker in South East Asia
  5. Arrington

    Match m1, m 14/m1a, ar15 rifles and bolt competition rifles: two out of 10 National Champions at Camp Perry, 1997 used Arrington Accuracy National Match Service Rifles

  6. Auto-ordnance (USA)

    Makers of the Tommy Gun

  7. Beretta (USA)

    The North American Division of the famous Italian gunmaker

  8. Bounty Hunter Rifles (USA)

    European American Armory Importers of Bounty Hunter Rifles

  9. Brown Precision Rifles (USA)

    Custom made High Performance Rifles

  10. Browning Arms Co. (USA)
    Browning, one of America’s great gun manufacturers, has a large diversified line of hunting equipment from rifles, pistols and shotguns to bows, fishing equipment and hunting clothes

  11. Ceska Zbrojavka (Czech Republic)

    A very complete line offering a wide choice of
    superb Czech pistols shotguns and rifles

  12. Cooper Firearms (USA)

    Ultra-accurate, single shot and repeating, bolt action rifles in three basic stock designs and a variety of calibers ranging from custom cartridges like the .17 Squirrel to
    the .25-06 Ackley Improved.

  13. DSA Arms (USA)

    DSA’s SA58 is, without doubt, the finest and most accurate FAL-type rifle ever produced” — Excerpted from Soldier of Fortune Magazine, October 2000; Also Parts, Accessories, Optics, Ammunition, Knives and Gun Cases

  14. Dakota Arms

    Specializes in Rifles, Shotguns, Cartridges and Brass, Clothing and Books

  15. Feather Rifles

    Maker of Lightweight Rifles and Accessories for Shooter’s, Varmint Hunting, Camping, etc. Rifles may be fired in the Extended or Stored Position and upgraded with Red Dot Scopes, Slings, Bipods, High Capacity Magazines, Lasers, Rifle Cases, Barrel Shrouds, High Accuracy Barrels and Colt AR15 Stocks or Car Tactical.

  16. Fulton Armory

    Makers of the M1, M14, Ar15 and the M1 Carbine

  17. Frohner Waffen (Germany)

    Sabatti custom made, hand crafted rifles. Best workmanship guaranteed

  18. Gibbs Rifle Company

    Welcome to Gibbs Rifle Company Online..supplier of Military
    Collectibles, Historical Remakes and Sport Specialty(TM) Rifles.

  19. Glasgow Gun Makers (U. K. )

    Manufacturers, Repairers and Suppliers of quality rifles, Shotguns, accessories and parts

  20. Harris Gunworks Inc. (USA)

    Extremely accurate 50 caliber sniper rifles used
    by the U. S. Army for long range (2,000 yrds) shooting

  21. Heckler&Koch (Germany)

    The Official Page of the World renown armaments maker

  22. Herstal Group

    Browning designs, manufactures, and markets a wide range of firearms and ammunition under the Browning, Winchester, and Miroku brands.

  23. Iron Brigade Armoury

    “Built to exceed USMC specifications,
    the Chandler Sniper Rifle is the most accurate long range sniper system SOF has ever tested

  24. Lazzeroni Arms Company (USA)

    Fine hunting rifles and cartridges for unsurpassed accuracy (USA)

  25. Les Baer Custom, Inc.

    An innovative manufacturer of high quality, limited edition AR 223 rifles and competition grade pistols

  26. Magnum Research, Inc.

    Mountain Eagle Hunting and Varmint Rifles

  27. Mannlicher

    Mannlicher Famous Hunting Rifles (Austria)

  28. Marlin Firearms Company (USA)

    Marlin America’s Favorite Gunmaker

  29. Olympic Arms (USA)
    Olympic Arms

  30. Remington Arms, Comapny, Inc. USA

    Remington Arms; one of the great American firearms manufacturers

  31. Remtek

    Galil and Uzi series Machine Guns and Automatic Rifles

  32. Rossi Firearms(Brazil)

  33. Ruger Firearms Company Inc. (USA)
    Another of the great American rifle, shotgun and pistol makers

Custom Gunmakers

  1. Accuracy Systems

    Features custom rifles, rebarreling, AR15, Ruger Mini 14, Mini 30, AK variances, and Remington 700 actions.

  2. Stillers Precision Firearms, Viper actions

    SPF builds custom target rifle actions and complete rifles for benchrest shooting and varmint hunting using Viper actions.

  3. Brockman’s Custom Gunsmithing

    Custom rifles for big game hunting. Specializing in big bore bolt action rifles and customized lever action rifles.

  4. Ed Brown Products

    High performance custom bolt action rifles and 1911 pistols

  5. Christensen ArmsEd Brown

    High performance custom bolt rifles built around the graphite barrel Dr. Roland Christensen and Evan Mitchell invented in 1995.

  6. Clark Custom Guns

    Beautiful custom guns

  7. Custom Gunsmithing since 1972

    Custom Gunsmithing including Custom Rifles, Custom Stocks, Custom made Muzzle Brakes and Restoration of old guns. All work is done in house. Graduate Pennsylvania Gunsmith School 1973

  8. Famars di Abbiatico and Salvinelli

    Deluxe shotguns and rifles made to client’s specifications. Sidebyside and over and under for competition, hunting and big game.

  9. John Foster Gunmaker(UK)

    Beautiful Top Quality Custom English double barrel shotguns; also is a dealer and does reconstruction and restoration

  10. Fulton Armory

    Makers of the M1, M14, Ar15 and the M1 Carbine


    Custom Rifles

  12. Hill Country Rifles

    Guarantees their custom rifles to consistently shoot 3-shot groups at 100 yards that measure 1/2″ or better center to center, with factory ammunition

  13. Gunsmoke Gunsmithing Inc.

    Gunsmoke builds the finest in custom firearms, from heavy rifles for African adventures to defensive pistols.

  14. Hatcher Gun Company

    Custom handguns and rifles. NFA Class II manufacturer of machineguns, short barreled shotguns, and short barreled rifles.

  15. Jarrett Rifles,

    Manufacturer of custom rifles and ammunition.

  16. LaRocca Gun Works

    Custom handguns, rifles and shotguns; antique firearm restoration; Magnaport authorized dealer.

  17. Score High Gunsmithing

    Custom rifles, muzzle brake work, pillar bedding, custom barrels, adding epoxy for glass bedding rifle stocks.

  18. UK Precision Rifle Services Inc

    Specialists in extreme rifle accuracy. A small business based in Scotland that builds custom rifles. Other services include rebarreling and stock machining.

  19. Waffen Klett

    Gunmaker with a long history in Europe. Used shotguns, custom rifles, fine guns, and custom leatherwork.

  20. Weatherby Custom Rifles (USA)

    Weatherby Custom Rifles; The finest firearms and accessories in the world

Assault Rifle Dealers

  1. Heckler & Koch

    Manufacturers of large calibre pistols and assault rifles.

  2. Military Style Trophies

    Offers moulded resin, plaque-mounted reproductions of popular law enforcement and military assault rifles, shotguns, machine guns and pistols.

  3. Impact Guns

    Sells machine guns, assault rifles, suppressors, ammunition, and law enforcement products

  4. Only The Best

    Offering firearms, electric BB guns, gas blowback, spring guns, and accessories. Buyer of pre-ban assault rifles and other firearms

  5. Hitach Industries

    Specialist’s in semi-automatic assault rifles, match, tactical and pro-hunter bolt action rifles. Books, videos, ammunition, magazines, scopes, and stocks. Online ordering.

Fine Gun Dealers

  1. Chadick’s, Inc.

    Purveyors of Vintage American and European Firearms.

  2. John Foster Gunmaker(UK)

    Beautiful Top Quality Custom English double barrel shotguns; also is a dealer and does reconstruction and restoration

  3. Griffin and Howe (USA)

    Griffin and Howe is one of finest, if not the finest gunsmith and reputable fine gun dealers in the world.

  4. Jaqua’s Fine Guns, Inc.

    Sponsors a Trap Club

  5. Samco Global Arms

    Elegant new and antique rifles for the hunter and collector

Articles and Information


  1. Adjusting the Savage 110 Trigger-Sniper Country

Hunting Clothes and Equipment

We try to provide you with the most complete information possible about hunting clothes. We update our sources constantly. Please scroll down to learn more.

Tips and Articles

Hunting is both a science and an art. We say a science because a successful hunter know he must pay attention to a thousand little details, not only when where and how he stalks but all of the little things that can affect the hunt even before he makes the decision. No matter how good your equipment or how well you know the territory, these little things can make your hunt a success.

  1. Avoid eating foods such as garlic and onions during season.
  2. Store your hunting clothing in unscented bags along with twigs, leaves, grasses or scent wafers that contain the natural scent of your hunting area.
  3. Use hunting clothes for hunting only. Do not wear them for changing oil, working in the yard or doing other household chores where you might pick up human odors.
  4. Don’t wear your hunting clothes in the cabin or campsite or in the car on your way out. Change into them when you arrive, thereby avoiding smoke, exhaust or food odors.
  5. Urine is a human as well as an animal marker. Use a tightly sealed urine bottle for nature’s call.
  6. Wear rubber-bottomed boots. They hold less human scent than leather-bottomed footwear.
  7. If you can, stop scouting about a month before the season opener so your human scent doesn’t build up in the area you will be hunting.
  8. Be aware of your silhouette when on the stand. Make sure a tree or brush is at your back to break up your outline.
  9. Twigs and branches could deflect an arrow. Double check your shooting lanes.
  10. Remember that big bucks may become almost completely nocturnal in heavily hunted areas. Your best chance for them is very early or very late.


Hunting Clothes Manufacturers

  1. Advantage
    From Boots to Bows to waders to wools

  2. AMT
    English Hunting Clothes

  3. Anschuetz
    All kinds of shooting clothes

  4. Beaver of Bolton
    Manufacturer of traditional British Country Wear including all kinds of the best quality hunting apparel

  5. Big Camo
    We cater to the big & tall sportsman. We are licensed to make and sell Mossy Oak and Realtree products in sizes 3-8XL and shoes to size 18. Most of us big and tall outdoorsmen have difficulty finding gear to fit.

  6. Blazer
    Blazer Pouches, Hats and Caps

  7. Bob Allen Sportswear

  8. Breaking Clay
    Long Island quality manufacturer of T-Shirts, Sweat Shirts, Caps, Pins and Patches

  9. Briarbuster Hunting Pants and Chaps
    Absolutely the finest highest quality hunting pants and chaps made anywhere

  10. Browning Clothing
    Browning high technology fabrics and designs

  11. British Wax Jackets
    An online retailer selling British Wax Jackets to outdoor enthusiasts throughout the world

  12. Bug Baffler
    Bug baffler Insect Protective Clothing

  13. Codet Wool Hunting Clothing
    Offering wool outerwear made for cold weather.

  14. Dakota Arms Caps, Tee Shirts, Books and Videos

  15. Eagle Industries
    We make technologically advanced and ergonomic equipment gear-carrying rigs feature a utility belt and/or suspenders that leather and ballistic nylon pouches, holsters, bags, and other carrying cases can be attached.

  16. Eagle Industries
    – Bags, Belts, Harnesses

  17. Essbee International
    Manufacturer and exporter of Sports goods, military uniforms and their accessories items from India for Armed/Paramilitary / Security forces & police. We have been exporting our products for over a decade to USA, Canada, West Indies, Middle East and Africa.

  18. Extreme Camouflage
    Ghillie Suit. Breaks up human outline, easily portable, lightweight and versatile in out door environments. New and innovative product unlike any camouflage item on the market today!

  19. Freddie Bear
    Hunting Clothes

  20. Fireshirts
    This site is fun. Have a shirt with a picture of your favorite gun. As they say, it is the easiest way to bear your favorite arms. If you’re heading out to a gun club, shooting range, gun show or just the corner market, don’t leave home without your best gun – on your shirt, on your chest

  21. Gamehide
    Manufactures camouflage outdoor clothing. Features products and dealers.

  22. Ghillie Suit Plus
    We offer one of the largest selections of high quality Ghillie Suits for Military, Paintball Enthusiasts, Hunters and Woodsball. We also offer kits so you can build them yourself and carry a full line of accessories – such as Rifle Wraps, Face Veils, Face Paint, Blankets, Backpack Covers, Jute and Masking Sprays. Ghillie Suits.Com offers a patented suit with the Finest and strongest materials for quality and strength. Our suits are based on a 100% Nylon netting with a 500 Lb. Tensile strength. Our Jute thread is 1-Ply, 10 Lb. Tensile strength, made from 100% Tossa Jute Fiber. We hand tie 4-5 strands of Jute Thread to every knot. That’s 40-50 Lbs. of strength at every knot

  23. Glacier Glove
    Neoprene and neoprene/fleece gloves, waders and socks for hunting and fly fishing.

  24. Ghillie Suits Online
    Ghillie suits offer the most advanced camouflage available. Whether you are hunting, paintballing, or simply nature watching, a ghillie suit gives the user the edge in the field.

  25. The Ghillie Suits
    The Ghillie Suits specializes in only ghillie suits. You won’t find anything but ghillie products here. Your orders have secure encryption and if you are still uneasy simply call us to place your order over the phone.

  26. Glenorchy Fur Products
    Manufacturers of New Zealand possum fur garments.

  27. Monarch Clothes
    Indian outdoor and Hunting Clothes; Foreign dignitaries like Johnny Carson, Beatles, Austin Powers, British Prime Minister Tony Blair, South African leader Nelson Mandela and actors like Sean Connery, Mike Myers

  28. NICA Shooting Accessories
    Clothing, bags and accessories for the clay target sports.

  29. Nimrod Pack Systems
    Offering quality outdoor gear, hunting packs, saddlebags, horse tack, fire packs and outdoor accessories.

  30. Pella Outdoor Clothing
    Offering rugged outdoor clothing for hunting and work.


Clothing Stores


  1. Appaloosa Trading Company
    Leather goods and silver jewelry in the western tradition; wholesale and retail

  2. Army Navy Store, Inc.
    Offers camouflage clothing, military footwear, and camping equipment for the family.

  3. Army Surplus Retailer
    Army surplus clothing and equipment, paintball clothing, camouflage gear, camping and outdoor accessories, retail arm of the contractors to the British Ministry of Defense.

  4. Forgotten Hunter
    Women’s camouflage clothing in sizes 2 to 20. Features products and contact information.

  5. Greenfield Guns
    Offering clothing from Barbour, Musto & Schoffel and outdoor clothing, footwear & shooting equipment.

  6. Hook and Shoot
    We are a leisure company focused on hunting, shooting, marine, paintball, camping, and archery equipment and supplies.

  7. Lasting Impressions
    Western Colorado based outlet which provides accessories for all your hunting needs including D.O.W. licences. Accessories for indoor and outdoor sports, engraving, silkscreening, and embroidery promotional items for both personal and advertising needs.

  8. Natural Gear
    Camouflage hunting garments.

  9. Right Hook
    We carry firearm and gun shirts for glock, heckler koch, sig sauer, ruger and others. Custom firearm shirts that are pro-gun.

  10. Ruggedclothing
    Offering camouflageclothing and hunting clothing . Quality rugged clothing gives you the edge where ever outdoor clothing is required.

  11. Right Hook
    We carry firearm and gun shirts for glock, heckler koch, sig sauer, ruger and others. Custom firearm shirts that are pro-gun.

  12. Save our Guns
    Pro 2nd Amendment T-Shirts and Hats.

  13. Sunset Creek Deerskin
    Retail wholesale deerskin products such as moccasins, driving gloves, baby booties, Purses, Coats, Jackets, Bags, Full Guarantee.



The BMG Rifle Society

We are the largest and most popular animal, hunting and archery information sites on the Internet. We are also the most popular after Cabela’s. Finally, we get more page views because there is so much more to see.

We started in 1996 as an all-volunteer public service to hunting. No one has ever taken a penny in salary.

All our information and pictures are free. Our sites are elegant and will load quickly and not waste your valuable time. Please scroll down to learn more.


  1. 50 BMG – Fifty Caliber Schooter’s Association (FCSA)

    The Fifty Caliber Shooter’s Association, Inc. (FCSA) was established in 1985 by a small group of dedicated people who set for themselves the mission to advance the sporting uses of the .50 BMG cartridge.

  2. .50 BMG caliber – Serbu Firearms, Inc.

    Serbu Firearms is a firearm and silencer manufacturer. Our main product is the BFG-50 rifle in .50 BMG caliber. We design and build custom guns from scratch using the latest in CAD and CNC technologies.

  3. The Ferret50

    A 50BMG bolt-action rifle conversion for the AR-15.

Leather Goods

We are the largest and most popular animal, hunting and archery information sites on the Internet.
We started in 1996 as an all-volunteer public service to hunting. No one has ever taken a penny in salary. All our information and pictures are free. Please scroll down to learn more.
  1. DeSantis Holster And Leather Goods

  2. Galco International
    – Premium holsters, belts and accessories.

  3. Gun Parts Corporation
    – Current and obsolete gun parts, accessories and military surplus.

    High Power Competition Gear, Military Gear, Cowboy Action Gear, Police Tactical Gear

  5. Hoffner’s Custom Leather

  6. Horseshoe Leather Products
    Fine Quality English leather goods

  7. Hume Leathergoods
    – Don Hume Leathergoods.

  8. Kramer Handgun Leather
    Leather Sporting Goods

  9. Saint Lourdes Saddlery
    Argentinian maker of fine Jumping, Polo and Dressage saddles and riding equipment


Colt History Society

We try to provide you with the most complete information we can about Colt Pistols. We update our sources constantly. Please scroll down to learn more.

History of the Colt

“Abe Lincoln may have freed all men, but Sam Colt made them equal.” This post-Civil War slogan would have been music to Sam Colt’s ears had he lived long enough to hear it.

Yet, even before his death at the age of 47, he knew that his invention of a weapon capable of firing without reloading was a tremendous success throughout the world. Some 19th-century historians have gone so far as to say that Sam Colt’s invention altered the course of history. But when all was said and done, no man could deny that Sam Colt had achieved a level of both fame and fortune known to few other inventors.

As a direct result of his invention and the marketing and sales success that followed, Sam Colt and his firearms played a prominent role in the history of a developing America. So popular was the Colt revolver during the latter half of the 1800s that it was perhaps the best-known firearm not only in this country but also in Canada, Mexico, and many European countries. To this day, the name Colt suggests firearms to most Americans.

Sam Colt’s success story began with the issuance of a U.S. patent in 1836 for the Colt firearm equipped with a revolving cylinder containing five or six bullets. Colt’s revolver provided its user with greatly increased firepower. Prior to his invention, only one- and two-barrel flintlock pistols were available. In the 163 years that have followed, more than 30 million revolvers, pistols, and rifles bearing the Colt name have been produced, almost all of them in plants located in the Hartford, Connecticut, area.

The Colt revolving-cylinder concept is said to have occurred to Sam Colt while serving as a seaman aboard the sailing ship Corvo;. There he observed a similar principle in the workings of the ship’s capstan. During his leisure hours, Sam carved a wooden representation of his idea. The principle was remarkable in its simplicity and its applicability to both longarms and sidearms. Nevertheless, Colt’s idea was not an instant success. At the outset, many people preferred the traditional flintlock musket or pistol to such a novel weapon.

In 1836, Colt built his first plant in Paterson, N.J., then one of this country’s fastest-growing manufacturing centers. Sam Colt’s uncle, a successful local businessman, was willing to help young Sam form the company. At age 22, Sam Colt was the firm’s chief salesman and new-business promoter.

He soon developed and produced three different revolver models: the pocket, belt, and holster; and two types of longarmor rifle: one cocked by a hammer, the other by a finger lever. In all cases, gunpowder and bullets were loaded into a revolving cylinder while the primer was placed into a nipple located on the outside of the cylinder, where it would be struck by the hammer when the trigger was pulled.

Despite the generally favorable performance of the product in the hands of early buyers, sales were sluggish. Even though the U.S. government purchased small quantities of the Colt ring-lever rifle and the Colt 1839 carbine, quantities ordered appear never to have exceeded 100.

In 1842, the Paterson company, known as the Patent Arms Manufacturing Co., closed; auctioned much of its equipment; and began bankruptcy proceedings. Sam Colt then turned his attention to selling the U.S. government on his ideas for waterproof ammunition; underwater mines for harbor defense; and, in association with the inventor Samuel F. B. Morse, the telegraph.

During 1845, certain units of the U.S. Dragoon forces and Texas Rangers engaged in fighting the Indians in Texas credited their use of Colt firearms for their great success in defeating Indian forces. U.S. War Department officials reportedly were favorably impressed. When the Mexican War began in 1846, Capt. Samuel H. Walker, U.S. Army, Free Travel Infoed East, looked up Sam Colt, and collaborated on the design of a new, more powerful revolver.

Within a week, the U.S. Ordnance Dept. ordered a thousand of the newly designed revolvers, which Sam Colt called the “Walker.” Suddenly, Colt was back in the firearms business but without a factory. He turned to Eli Whitney, Jr., son of the famous inventor of the cotton gin, who had a factory in Connecticut where the order was completed and shipped by mid-1847.

In 1851, two significant developments had a major effect on the future of the business. Sam Colt became the first American manufacturer to open a plant in England, thereby solidifying his reputation in international markets. And he began purchasing parcels of property in what was then called the South Meadows, an area of Hartford that fronted on the banks of the Connecticut River. The parcels, because they were often flooded, sold at remarkably low prices. A two-mile-long dike actually cost twice as much as the 250 acres; but the new plant, operational in 1855, was protected from the river’s uncontrolled flow.

The factory was equipped with the most up-to-date metalworking machinery available and was capable of turning out 5,000 finished handguns during its first year of operation. Knowledgeable of the latest achievements of New England’s world-famous machine-tool industry, Colt lost no time in specifying interchangeable parts, some 80% of which were turned out on precision machinery. Sam Colt is reported to have said, “there is nothing that can’t be produced by machine,” and his factory’s production machinery achieved a remarkably high degree of uniformity for the mid-19th century. Typically, the metal parts of a Colt revolver were designed, molded, machined, fitted, stamped with a serial number, hardened, and assembled.

At about this time, Mr. Colt, Hartford’s unabashed sales promoter, raised the distinctive onion-shaped dome, topped with a cast-bronze rampant colt, over his factory, thereby assuring that every Hartford resident and visitor who saw the dome would ask about it and hear the Colt success story.

The firm was incorporated in 1855 in Connecticut as the Colt’s Patent Fire Arms Mfg. Co., with an initial issuance of 14,000 shares of stock. Sam Colt retained ownership of 9,996 shares and gave one share to each of our business associates, including E.K. Root, his trusted factory superintendent and an inventor in his own right. By 1856, the company was producing 150 weapons a day; and the product’s reputation for exceptional quality, workmanship, and design had spread around the world, making Colonel Colt one of the ten wealthiest businessmen in the U.S. The honorary title was awarded by the Governor of the State of Connecticut for political support.

As demand for his firearms grew, Sam Colt, who had long favored the use of engraving and gold inlay on his firearms, expanded his engraving department. Colt’s show guns and presentation pieces, exquisitely engraved and generously inlaid with gold, consistently won prizes at international trade fairs. Many were presented publicly to heads of state, including Czars Nicholas I and Alexander II of Russia, King Frederick VII of Denmark, and King Charles XV of Sweden.

Colt’s Patent Fire Arms Manufacturing Company sold its product line through a small force of Free Travel Infoing salesmen, known as agents, and between 15 and 20 jobbers who were actually wholesalers selling large quantities to individual retail outlets. In addition, the company maintained sales offices in both New York City and London, England. In addition, the sales department would accept direct orders at the plant, providing they were from someone who was either rich and famous, a friend of the Colt family, or ordering a large quantity of weapons.

Sam Colt was later recognized as one of the earliest American manufacturers to realize fully the potential of an effective marketing program that included sales promotion, publicity, product sampling, advertising, and public relations. His success made him perhaps the richest man in Connecticut and a pillar of the Hartford community. When Sam Colt built his home, Armsmear, an ornate mansion replete with greenhouses and formal gardens on the western edge of his armory property, it was deemed fitting that it should be one of New England’s grandest residences. Today, Armsmear is an Episcopal home for the elderly.

Samuel Colt’s health began to fail late in 1860 as the country moved toward Civil War. Prior to the actual declaration of war, Colt continued to ship his product to customers in southern states; but as soon as war was official, Colt supplied only the Union forces. The Armory was running at full capacity by year-end 1861, with more than 1,000 employees and an annual earnings level of about $250,000. Samuel Colt died January 10,1862, at the age of 47, having produced in his lifetime more than 400,000 weapons. His estate was reportedly worth $15 million, an enormous sum for the time and tantamount to more than $300 million today.

Following Sam Colt’s death,control of the company remained in the hands of his widow and her family until 1901, when the company was sold to a group of investors. During that 39-year period, a number of significant events and developments impacted the Colt product line.

In 1864, the Colt factory and adjacent office structure burned to the ground, suspending all but certain military production for almost three years. The factory was rebuilt and, according to Mrs. Colt’s instructions, was constructed to be as fireproof as possible. In 1867, the company began producing Dr. R.J. Gatling’s machine gun, a semiautomatic using a hand-operated crank to turn a cluster of six to ten barrels while feeding ammunition into the breech.

In 1872, Colt began the manufacture of its first breech-loaded revolver using self-contained metallic cartridges. That was the world-famous Single Action Army Model 1873 designed to use metallic ammunition that contained its own primer. In the years just prior to this, thousands of percussive Colts were converted to use a front-loaded, center-fired cartridge.

The Single Action Army was an immediate sales success and became widely known as “the gun that won the West.”

Prior to 1941, Colt produced more than 350,000 Single Action Army models of varying caliber; but almost 40,000 of the .45 caliber model were ordered by the U.S. government.

During the 1880s, Colt produced a full line of weapons ranging in size from concealable derringers to hammerless shotguns. The line encompassed a large number of double action revolvers in various caliber, slide and pump action rifles, and the first revolvers with swing-out cylinders for easier loading.

Colt Firearms had no single competitor. Smith & Wesson offered the greatest competition for the Colt line of sidearms. Where rifles and shotguns were concerned, Remington and Winchester were the strongest competitors. No other U.S. company produced as many fully automatic rifles, perhaps best known as machine guns. As early as 1891, Colt Firearms worked with John Browning in the production of his gas-operated, air-cooled (later water-cooled) machine gun, first delivered to the U.S. Navy in 1897 and destined to playa major role in both the Boxer Rebellion and the Spanish-American War.

Colt Firearms had a long and profitable relationship with John Browning, which included his machine guns and the well-known Browning automatic rifles (BAR) as well as the world-famous Colt .45 semiautomatic pistol. Because of its effective stopping power, the Colt .45 was purchased in large quantity by the Department of the Army and, as the Model 1911A1, was the standard-issue sidearm during both World War I and World War II. Colt delivered approximately 2.5 million Colt .45 pistols to the U.S. government alone and also offered the pistol for sale commercially with tremendous marketing success.

During both World Wars and subsequent military actions by the U.S. Armed Forces, Colt was a major producer of sidearms, rifles, machine guns, BARs, and antiaircraft guns for the U.S. Department of Defense.

Following the sale of the Colt Firearms Company to outside investors in 1901, only eight company presidents held office until 1955, when the company was purchased by the Penn-Texas Corporation, one of the nation’s first conglomerates. During those 54 years, Colt Firearms faced and successfully dealt with the usual problems that faced weapons manufacturers: the need to rapidly increase its levels of employment and production during wartime, the need to sharply reduce both when the war was over, and the need to diversify to other products. Colt was generally profitable for its shareholders and continued to pay a dividend each year, even at the height of the Great Depression when earnings were near zero.

Product diversification took the form of machinery, printing presses, ticket punches, plastics, and commercial dishwashing machines.

In 1942, Colt more than tripled its workforce to 15,000 employees in three plants. During the final year of the war, Colt production rates were faltering, the company was losing money, and the government was losing confidence in Colt management’s ability to keep pace, mostly because of its antiquated machinery and largely inefficient production techniques. Following World War II, the fortunes of the company fluctuated like a roller coaster with sales and earnings almost entirely dependent upon government orders. These increased sharply during the Korean conflict and dropped precipitously after the Korean truce was signed in 1952.

By 1955, the company was losing money and faced a deficit that was growing each month as orders declined and existing orders were canceled. By September of 1955, Colt management decided it would seek a suitor interested in a merger. That suitor was Leopold D. Silberstein, and his company was the Penn-Texas Corporation, a new type of holding company called a “conglomerate.”

Colt Firearms became a wholly owned subsidiary of the holding company, based in New York City, and joined the Silberstein family of diversified companies, which also included Pratt and Whitney Company of West Hartford. A group of investors took control of the company in 1959, dismissed Mr. Silberstein, and changed the name of the company to Fairbanks Whitney, reflecting its acquisition of the Fairbanks Morse Company of Chicago.

In 1960, another milestone in the history of Colt began with the introduction of the AR-15 semiautomatic rifle, followed by the M16 military full-automatic version. Involvement of the United States in Vietnam again put heavy demands on Colt to supply arms for the troops. Shortly following on the commercial side of the business was the introduction of the Colt commemorative line of firearms.

Changes came again in 1964, when the parent company reorganized under the name Colt Industries and the firearms subsidiary became Colt’s Inc., Firearms Division. Through the 70s Colt’s continued in a positive vein with the introduction of its Sharps Rifle, Sauer Rifle, and Blackpowder Reproductions. Colt management also responded to an increasing demand for engraved firearms by expanding Colt’s staff of engravers. In 1976 the successful sale of the Colt National Sporting Goods Foundation auction firearm encouraged Colt management to officially form the Colt Custom Gun Shop. (Picture of NSGW Revolver-Photograph provided) Through the late 70s and early 80s Colt continued to expand its black-powder line to include, among others, the famed Walker and the 1860 Army revolver.

The Combat Government Model and the .380 Government Model automatic pistols were introduced in 1984. That same year Colt suffered a blow as the U.S. government chose to replace the Colt .45 as the official sidearm for the armed forces.

1986 proved to be an eventful year. The company celebrated its 150th anniversary with a line of commemorative firearms, which included the Single Action Army Sampler Edition, with engraving of four historical patterns representative of famous Colt engravers, and an engraved Single Action Army Exhibition model which was sold at auction for $150,000. Another significant event was the strike by the UAW, which began on January 25 and would continue for four years.

In 1988 Colt suffered a disastrous blow: the loss of the government contract for M-16 rifles.

An agreement to sell Colt Firearms Division to C.F. Holdings Corp. was announced in 1989, and in 1990 the company was sold to a coalition of private investors, the State of Connecticut, and the union employees (renamed Colt’s Manufacturing Company, Inc.). The sale brought to an end the four-year strike by the UAW. New to the product line were the Double Eagle double-action pistol, the Colt Anaconda .44 Magnum double-action revolver, and the redesigned Sporter Rifle.

Colt entered into Chapter 11 in 1992 and litigation commenced between Colt’s Manufacturing Co., Inc., and C. F. Intellectual Properties.

The new Colt .22 Automatic was introduced in 1993, along with the M4 rifle.

1994 was an eventful year for the Colt Company. In May the closing of the Hartford Armory and the relocation of the entire company to their West Hartford facility was completed. Additionally, Colt was awarded a sole source contract to supply nearly 19,000 of the new M-4 carbines to the U.S. Army and to joint Special Forces personnel. In September, a new group of investors purchased the company and Colt emerged from bankruptcy.

Colt unveiled “The Last Gun” in 1995 which is the last Single Action Army produced in the Hartford Armory. It is elaborately engraved and embellished with historical gold inlays representative of the Colt family and company lineage. Also added to the commercial product line was the new Colt .22 Target pistol, the Colt Match Target rifle and Colt .38 SF-VI revolver. The new Colt .22 Target pistol was named “Handgun of the Year” by the Shooting Industry Academy of Excellence. On the military side of the business, Colt won another contract to produce in excess of 16,000 M-4 carbines.

Still a leader in the industry Colt begins work with the National Institute of Justice on the development of “Smart Gun” technology (a firearm that fires only when its owner pulls the trigger). In 1996 Colt also broke new ground on another front and teamed up with the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association. In commemoration of the event, a decorative Single Action Army revolver, “The Legend” was introduced to the market.

1996 brings to Colt a new Government contact for 6,000 M-4 carbines. New introductions to the Colt commercial product line include the Pony Double Action pistol, 3″ Defender carry pistol, and the DS II revolver. Introduced under the Custom Shop umbrella were the Python Elite revolver and the Gold Cup Trophy pistol.

1997 proves to be an eventful year for Colt. Especially noteworthy is the return to Colt of the U.S. Government contract for procurement of M-16 rifles in excess of 32,000 units. Complimenting this is a contract for updating 88,000 M-16A1 rifles to the A2 configuration for the U.S. Air Force. Additionally Colt acquires Saco Defense which is a Maine based company specializing in automatic weapons for the military.

A revitalized Colt embraces the year 1999 with a backlog of military rifle/carbine orders amounting to approximately 59,000 units. This includes orders for exclusive production of the M-4 carbine extending through the year 2010. On the commercial side, a new acquisition of Ultra Light Arms, Inc. puts Colt back in the sporting rifle business. The Colt Cowboy revolver and Pocket Nine pistol are also added to the product line. With the completion of a pair of highly engraved and gold inlaid Dragoon revolvers, the Colt Custom Shop proves once again that it is the leader in the industry. This pair rivals the famous presentation Dragoon that was gifted to the Sultan of Turkey by Samuel Colt (c.1854) which is currently housed in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

Gun Dealers

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The Custom Gun Makers Society

We try to provide you with the quickest and easiest way to get the information you want about Custom Guns. We update our list of manufacturers constantly as they come online. Please scroll down to learn more.

Custom Gun Makers

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    Features custom rifles, rebarreling, AR15, Ruger Mini 14, Mini 30, AK variances, and Remington 700 actions.

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  14. Jarrett Rifles, Inc.
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  15. LaRocca Gun WorksCustom handguns, rifles and shotguns; antique firearm restoration; MAGNAPORT authorized dealer.
  16. Mike’s Shooters SuppliesBuilds match grade rifles for NRA highpower competition. Services are offered for, but not limited to, AR15 / M16, M14 / M1A, M1 Garand, plus custom bolt guns based on M70 Win / M700 Rem actions.
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Gun Stocks and Grips Society

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Gun Stock Carvers

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  5. Brooks Tactical Systems
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  6. Buffalo Brothers Cowboy Store
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Gun Stock Makers and Finishers


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    All purpose non stick grips

  6. CGM Gunstock Checkering
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  7. Carbon Creations
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    Larry Schuknecht’s Dutchman Wood Works makes and repairs stocks, buttplates, gripcaps and stock “furniture.”

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