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  1. Blank Guns Depot
    Source for great quality blank firing guns that are perfect for stage and film production props, starter blank guns, war reenactment blank firing guns, detective blank firers, military and police tactical training blank shooting guns, fake guns for Wild West shows
  2. Brocock
    Manufacturers and distributors of air-guns, CO2 guns, blank firers and associated ancillary products
  3. Kral Blank Pistols (Turkey)
    “Kral guns” has the most extensive line of quality, warentied sporting firearms in the industry today offering shotguns, airguns and Blank pistols.at an affordable and reasonable price, backed up with satisfactory customer support and warranties.
  4. Western Stage Props
    Offering a wide variety of western arts equipment, including whips, ropes, throwing knives, trick saddles, blank firing guns and miscellaneous props