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  1. A.T. Barr Knives
    Folding knives of various steels, some with titanium bolsters.

  2. Arizona Custom Knives

  3. Barr Handmade Knives
    I have been making knives for over 21 years, I made and sold my first knife in 1979. I am also a voting member of the Knifemakers Guild. I am not a full time knifemaker. My regular job requires me to Free Travel Info quite often. Some weeks I can put 30 hours in my knife shop, and some weeks only 5. My regular job also feeds my family and pays my bills so I can keep my prices down to a reasonable amount

  4. Beltgrinders for Knifemaking
    Instructions for building a beltsander belt grinder for knifemaking

  5. BladeGallery.com
    Specializes in handmade custom knives.

  6. BobTice Knives
    – selling collectable, commercial, and custom knives.

  7. Carson Knives
    Constructed of ATS-34,O1, A2, D2, 440C, 440V, and several types of Damascus steel.

  8. Center Cross Metal Works
    From straight blades to folders by maker Gene Osborn.

  9. Chamblin’s Knives
    Maker of multi bladed and fancy folders.

  10. Coyote Forge
    Gallery, available knives of unusual materials. By Dan DiStefano.

  11. Ed Caffrey, ABS Mastersmith
    Hand forged cutlery, specializing in mosaic Damascus steel. Classes, forum, articles.

  12. Dozier Knives
    – Offering custom built knives for every need. Also offers toll free ordering and a knife picture gallery.

  13. Eugene Schreiner Knives
    Gallery of handmade knives, description of materials and brief history.

  14. Tom Johanning’s Custom Knives
    – Offering custom survival, tactical, hunting, fishing and combat knives.

  15. JANO Knives
    Materials, machines, and tools for both professional and amateur knifemakers.

  16. Knife Scales and Custom Knives
    Scales of various material. Knives by Robert Roy.

  17. Knifeart.com’s Directory
    Information and links to custom makers, companies, sharpeners and retailers.

  18. Knives by Scrimart
    Scrimshaw with hunting knives, folders, and collector’s knives.