The Hunting Society of which we are an affiliate started in 1996 as an all-volunteer public service to hunting. However, when our financial backers died or moved to Florida we had to take in advertising to pay expenses. No one has ever taken a penny in salary. Please scroll down to learn more.
  1. Bil-Lite
    LED light using medical optics that clips on the bill of cap or glasses. Includes specifications, online ordering, and list of retail outlets.

  2. Clear Products
    Sells a twin-head multi-function LED flashlight with glowtube.

  3. FirstMarket-Shop
    Offers LED, flashlights, gifts and accessories.

  4. Flashlight Outlet
    Specializing in white LED flashlights, and other LED lighting, safety, and signaling devices.

  5. Flashlights Unlimited
    Sells LED flashlights, headlamps, accessories and batteries. Provides guide, specifications and product manuals.

  6. Forever Flashlight
    Sells LED shake light that don’t needs bulbs or batteries.

  7. LED lights
    Offers LED light products such as flashlights, bulbs,car lights, and head lamps.

  8. LED Lights International
    Sells motorcycle and home LED and their accessories.

    Makes and sells a key-chain flashlight with a LED bulb in a variety of colors. Includes online ordering, company information, and information for wholesalers.

  10. LED-Replacement
    Offers LED replacement bulbs for 2,3 and 4 battery flashlights.

    Offers a variety of Led and head torches.

  12. Shop Led
    Offer a variety of blue led, red, green led, white led, RGB color changing diodes, flashing led, products and accessories.

    Sells precision miniaturized lights for many uses indoor or out. Flashlights smaller than a finger.

  14. TheLEDLight
    Offer flashlights, LED recreational items, LED gifts and accessories.

  15. The Torch Shop
    Maglite torch and accessory dealer in the United Kingdom.