We try to provide you with the quickest and easiest way to get the information you want about rifles. We update our list as best we can as constantly as companies come or go online. Please click on the Company names below for information on their products and services.
  1. American Gunsmithing Institute
    Provides information to maintain guns in safe top condition, maximizing potential and preserving the gunsmithing art.

  2. Gunsmither Tools
    Unique gunsmithing tools for cleaning, repairing, and maintaining all kinds of guns including black powder. Gun care tips page.

  3. The Hunters Den
    Products, parts and drawings on CD ROM.

  4. Orion Blue Books
    Publishes the popular ‘Little Blue Book of Gun Values’. Look up the value of your gun using these highly informative reference books.

  5. Parker Gun Classic Catalogues
    Parker Bros. Gun classic catalogues in electronicbook form.

  6. Pistolsmith.com
    A wonderful forum for gun and pistolsmiths to network with their colleagues expose their thinking to a wider audience; a public gathering place for artisan and those that would like to share civil discussion with them.

  7. FourTen (.410) Shotgun Resources
    Resource site for fourten (.410) shotgun shooters and reloaders.

  8. Rifle Stock Finishing, Refinishing and Building
    Describes a procedure for target crowning a rifle muzzle.

  9. Shotgunworld.com
    A central resource for all things shotgun related. Forums, classifieds, gun ID and gun values. Also, help you find the lowest price.

Gun and Pistolsmiths

  1. Accurate Plating and Weaponry
    Extensive information on their services for all types of shooting

  2. Accuracy Speaks, Inc.
    Provides a variety of gunsmithing services to build custom accurate firearms

  3. Arrington Accuracy Works
    National Match Rifles built Service rifle repairs

  4. LaMorris Labradors
    Full gunsmithing services for vintage firearms including repair, refinishing and restoration. We specialize in waterfowl and upland game shotguns.

  5. Bob’s Gun & Tackle Shop
    This large 50 year old store is well known throughout Virginia.

  6. Fern Creek Gunsmith Shop
    Gunsmithing ,bluing, stock duplication services (Kentucky)

  7. Al’s Gun Repair
    Gunsmith from Alanson, MI.

  8. The Firing Pin
    We offer full service gunsmithing, specializing in Case Color Hardening (w/bone & charcoal), cleaning, hot bluing, rust bluing & browning. Other services offered are scope mounting, sight work, stock work, bolt jewelling, gold & nickel plating etc..

  9. Black Mesa Rifle Co.
    Custom Built 338 and 375 Black Mesa Express

  10. Actions By “T”
    Custom work on 1911 parts and gunsmithing tools!

  11. Bob Graham
    Custom Gunsmith for western Style Pistols

  12. Briley Manufacturing, Inc.
    This site offers an online catalog of the firearms and accessories they sell rifle, pistol, and shotgun items are offered

  13. Bob’s Gun & Tackle Shop
    This large 50 year old store is well known throughout Virginia.

  14. Beretta Gunsmiths
    The Oldest Gunsmith Firm in the World

  15. Connecticut Precision Chambering L.L.C.
    Gunsmithing on Ruger 10/22 & 77/22 carbines. Rework or new barrels made. etc.

  16. Gun Doctor
    A family owned and operated full service firearms dealer for over 25 years; offers retail sales of new and used firearms. The heart and soul of our business is the art of gunsmithing.

  17. Gunsmoke Engineering
    Mods for the Ruger 1022.

  18. Gunworks Canturburys
    Rebarreling, custom gunsmithing, suppressors.

  19. Heinie Specialty Products
    Pistolsmithing, sights, parts, and accessories.

  20. Hick’s Designs
    Ruger #1 accurizer.

  21. Mazy’s
    Mazy’s custom guns, gunsmithing

  22. Mike’s Shooters Supplies
    Full service shop specializing in M1 Garand, M14, AR15, Bolt Guns

  23. Northern Arizona Armory
    Full service Armory featuring complete armorer services.

  24. One Cryo
    Cryogenic Tempering.

  25. Paw Paw Gun Shop
    Gunsmithing of modern, collectables, and black powder firearms.

  26. Revelation Arms
    Class 3 Sales and Manufacture, Cowboy Action Shooters and Gunsmithing

  27. Simmons guns
    A full service repair facility that handles anything from basic repairs to complete restorations. The backbone of our business is to install ventilated ribs on all makes and models of shotguns specializing in work on Model 12’s and Model 42’s

  28. Smith & Wesson
    An American tradition in gunsmithing and engraving since 1852

  29. TechPlate Engineering Co.
    California firm that offers a variety of plating options for firearms

  30. TenRing Precision, Inc.
    Match grade work on competition handguns.

  31. The Ammo Shop
    Gunsmithing operation featuring 98 Mauser’s built on customer supplied actions

  32. Timney Gunsmiths
    High quality steel triggers and rebuilt triggers

  33. Vais Arms
    Master Gunsmiths manufacturer of Vais Muzzle Brake

  34. Volquartsen Custom Inc.
    – Conversion and accurizing, specialize in Ruger Mk IIs and 10/22s.

  35. Weigand Combat Handguns
    Jackk Weigand has just been named 1999 Pistolsmith of the Year

  36. Wenig Custom Gunstocks, Inc.
    200 combined years of

  37. Wilson Combat
    Custom Handguns and Accessories.

Gunsmiths Tools

  1. Clymer
    Cutting and Gunsmiths tools
  2. Cylinder and Slide, Inc
    Pistolsmithing and pistol parts and accessories