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Gun Engraving Information

  1. A&A Engraving Inc.
    Fine custom gun engraving, limited edition commemorative firearms, antique firearms restoration and handmade display cases.

  2. Custom Engraving on Wood, Glass and Metal.
    Custom engravings on Gunstocks, Kitchen cabinet doors, Automotive glass, Glass table tops and Knives. Any Picture or design

  3. Custom Guns and Engraving
    Gun engraving and custom gun building by Ed DeLorge.

  4. Engravers Art
    – Custom hand engraving.

  5. Jim Downing Engraving
    Custom engravings for firearms and knives. Scrimshaw is also available. Specializing in historic recreations of classic engraving styles

  6. Ford’s Custom Plating & Gun Refinishing
    A Master Gunsmith and refinishing expert offers a full spectrum of gun finishes, including chrome, nickel, black chrome, blueing, parkerizing, gold, titanium nitride, teflon, aluminum anodizing.

  7. Leonard Francolini, Firearms Engraver
    Elaborately engraved firearms inlaid with gold and silver scroll work, portraits, and action scenes. Technical descriptions of engraving procedures, inlay, and design.

  8. GRS Tools
    Gun, knife, and jewelry engraving supplies including GraverMax and Gravermeister impact power engraving machines.

  9. Alexander Gevgalov
    Unique engraved and gold inlaid firearms in exquisite floral and English arabesque styles.

  10. Michael Gouse
    Gun engraving specializing in Nimschke, German, and American style scrollwork

  11. gunfancy.com
    Firearms engraving and restoration by Dale Woody with refinishing and engraving in the styles of the old west

  12. J R French Engraving
    Specializes in Pistols and knives. A member of the Firearms Engravers Guild of America

  13. Lindsay Hand Engraving and Tools
    Premier engraver, knifemaker as well as inventor of the Air Chasing Graver. Exhibition grade gold inlay, wildlife scenes, and various scroll decorations on only the finest knives, guns and jewelry.

  14. Nutmeg Sports, LLC
    Many engraved guns for sale or by special order. Extensive listing of new and pre-owned Colt memorabilia. Stock and custom Ivory Grips.

  15. NyeKass Arms
    Specialzing in custom gun engraving and providing high grade limited edition firearms. Firearms are embellished in 24-karat gold overlay, nickel and blueing finishes. Providing handmade high quality presentation cases.

  16. G. S. Pedretti, Engraver
    Located in Brescia, Italy, Pedretti offers hand engraving of knives and firearms in the traditional Italian style

  17. Popovich & Powers Companies, Inc.
    Dealer of high quality rifles, shotguns, optics and ammo. Custom engraved and gold inlaid firearms. African Safari bookings.

  18. www.powleyengraving.com
    Specializes in Firearms, Knives, Jewelry, Musical Instruments, and Vintage & Classic Auto Parts

  19. Bob Rosser Hand Engraver, Inc.
    Custom hand-cut engraving of jewelry, knives, holloware, and guns

  20. T. Pozzobon
    Engraving of knives, shotguns, and rifles. Photo galleries showing a variety of styles

  21. Scrimshaw by Gary Fiedler
    Quality scrimshaw on powderhorns and mammoth ivory. Custom work available and welcomed any tim
  22. TechPlate Engineering Co.
    A precision plating job shop that plates firearms.

  23. Virginia Gunstock Carver
    Oil Painted Portraits that are embedded under the gun’s finish – no one else does this! We do Custom Stock Carving of animals or scenes. Reproduce gun’s metal engraving on its wood. Carve your message in your stock. We Match carve pistol and forearm grip themes, scrolls, ornamental leaves, etc. Carve wood, bone, stag horn, micarta, ivory, and Corian We also do Stock Refinishing