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Gun Parts Manufacturers


  1. Browning Machine Gun Parts & Accessories

  2. Edwards Recoil Reducers
    – Reduce recoil, barrel bounce & improving shooters scores!

  3. Jo Co Emprise
    – Clips and Magazines for Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun and Machine Guns.

  4. JP Enterprises, Inc.
    – Firearms Performance Products.

  5. Kolpin Manufacturing
    – Manufacture over 700 different accessories.

  6. Magloader
    – Magloader is a pistol magazine loader for .32 – .45 ACP.

  7. Marble Arms and Poly-Choke
    – Gun Sights, Ribs, Chokes, and other accessories.

  8. MecGar
    – Worlds Finest Magazines.

  9. MGM Targets
    – Home of the Auto Popper!

  10. Shilen, Inc.
    Features the products of this manufacturer of target rifle barrels, triggers, and bullets.

  11. Smart Lock Technology Inc.
    – A magnetic gun lock that locks everybody out but you!

  12. Spec-Tech Industries Inc.
    – Ruger M77MKII triggers, 1911 safeties, knives, firearms lubes.

  13. Sprinco USA, Inc.
    – Suppliers of replacement recoil springs and recoil reduction systems

  14. Stifter’s Gun Flints
    Wholesale and retail; High quality range of almost every kind of gunflint for Antique Flintlocks

  15. Suppressors
    A line of high efficiency, user friendly firearm sound suppressors.

  16. Tim’s Clips on the Web
    -Firearm Magazines for Sale, 225 different models.

  17. Williams Trigger Specialties
    Home of the original HK91 and AR15 set triggers. WTS offers sniper grade trigger work on most military assault rifles. Increase your practical accuracy by having WTS remove trigger pull weight and trigger creep on your rifle.

Gun Parts Stores

  1. The Amherst Depot
    – Offers parts and accessories for military guns such as the M14, AR15, M1 Garand and carbine, 1911 pistol, and 1903 Springfield.

  2. Bob’s Gun Parts.
    carries Millions of Gun Parts from all major manufacturers

  3. Brownells
    – Features a wide range of gun parts and shooters supplies for the individual and the gunsmith. Also features a complete catalog.

  4. CIE Global Firearm Accessories

  5. Clips ‘N’ Stuff
    – Clip, magazines, optics, gunstocks, misc. accessory items, etc

  6. Daniel Defence, Inc.
    – Offers a range of AR15 parts and accessories like slings and uppers.

  7. Gun Parts Corp
    – One stop shopping market for gun parts and accessories through our 850+ page catalog.

  8. Gunsmith Tools
    Supplier for gunsmiths, gun parts, firearms and shooting.

  9. GunToy’s Inc.
    – For people who want the very best in Custom Gun Parts.

  10. Gunville
    – Supplier of new and used gun parts,hunting accessories, and collectable firearms.

  11. Hoosier Gunworks
    Has over 200,000 parts, 2000 stocks, 400 barrels and 1000’s of magazines; specializes in Gun Parts and Stocks; also deals in close out and over stocked goods, many in limited supply and can not be restocked; also supplies many Gunsmiths and Gun Shops

  12. Mossberg Shotgun Parts
    – Havlin Sales & Service offers Mossberg shotgun parts for new and discontinued firearms.

  13. Numrich Gun Parts Corp
    The Worlds largest supplier of Gun Parts

  14. PA – Chestnut Ridge Supply
    – Gun parts for the M1 Garand, M1 Carbine, M14/M1A, and others.

  15. Pistoleer.com
    Firearms related site: Pistoleer Classified, Beretta magazines, BoreStores protective cases, KleenBore gun care products, target stands.

  16. Red Star Arms
    – Offers AK-47, 10-22, AR-15, Ruger MKII, MAUSER, 1911, Glock, and Single Action parts.

  17. Russ Haydon’s Shooters’ Supply
    – Features this supplier of goods for the discriminating benchrest, target, or varmint shooter.

  18. Speed Shooters International
    Sells gun parts, firearms, and accessories for competitive action shooters.

  19. Sprinco USA, Inc.
    – Suppliers of replacement recoil springs and recoil reduction systems.

  20. Tactical Excellence
    – Features parts for H and K handguns and submachineguns.

  21. Tarnhelm Supply Company
    – Sole source for the Magna-trigger gun safety. This safety device was developed for Smith & Wesson J, K, L and N frame guns. It is also available for a Ruger Security Six.

  22. UZI Parts and supplies
    – Sell UZI receivers, Group Industries Receivers, Semi-Auto IMI/FN parts kits, US manufactured UZI parts, tools, manuals and instructions to assemble firearms that meet BATF requirements.

  23. Western Gun Parts Ltd.
    – Distributor of current and obsolete parts for most makes and models of sporting firearms as well as accessories such as magazines, stocks and choke tubes.

  24. Wolff Gun Springs
    A really copplete line from a large gun spring maker.