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  1. Dog-gone-good.com
    – Shooting bag rifle rest for the target shooter, hunter, and police.

  2. Potvin’s All-Purpose Outdoor Backrest
    – Two do-it-yourself projects for the hunter/shooter who has an arc-welder. Enhance long-range shooting with one project, be comfortable outdoors with the other. See photos/information

  3. Shottist
    – Offers a variety of custom made slings and products. Specializes in rifle leather.

  4. Strap Secure
    Holds you rifle, canteen, camera, binoculars, or heavy pack on your shoulder without sliding off. Attach or remove from vest or shirt in seconds. Weighs only 2 ounces but attaches with full strength holding power.

  5. The Wilderness Tactical Products
    – Offers original instructor belt, sling, safepacker holster, ZIP slide holster.