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Gun Stock Carvers

  1. 100 Straight Products
    – Terminator recoil pads and recoil reducers for the shooting sports.

  2. Advanced Technology
    – Manufacturer of gunstocks, shotgun accessories and bipods.

  3. Ajax Custom Grips, Inc.
    – Custom, shooter, and speciality grips; magazines, parts and supplies.

  4. A BIO-TEK
    – Offers gun accessories for the avid hunter and shooting competitor. These include the patented Wrapid Comb and Fullstock Wrap.

  5. Brooks Tactical Systems
    – Maker of Agrip, the non-abrasive, wrap-around, “stick-on” grip that works even better with sweaty hands. First developed for Glock pistols, Agrip is specifically designed for gripping tactical firearms in combat conditions. Agrip has a proven track record of reliable performance.

  6. Buffalo Brothers Cowboy Store
    – We produce grips for SAA Colt and clones, Remington, Ruger, Derringers

  7. Bullberry Barrel Works Online
    Online catalog Custom Contender and Encore Stock sets and Barrels in over 175 calibers.

  8. Nille-Griffe
    Magificent Old World Quality Custom Grips Made in Germany (site is available in English as well)

  9. Rifle Stock Finishing, Refinishing and Building
    Describes a procedure for target crowning a rifle muzzle.

Gun Stock Makers and Finishers


  1. Ajax Custom Grips, Inc.
    A leader in handgun grips and a full line distributor/mail order facility.

  2. Bell and Carlson
    Leaders in Synthetic Stock Design & Technology and Manufacturer of the Highest Quality Fiberglass, kevlar & Graphite Gun stocks .

  3. Berretta Stocks
    Stocks made by Beretta, the oldest gun company in the world

  4. Bob’s Gun Parts
    Replacement stocks and grips for over 400 different guns. Also offers gun parts, firing pins and magazines. Print catalog available.

  5. www.brookstactical.com
    All purpose non stick grips

  6. CGM Gunstock Checkering
    Gunstock inletting, finishing, checkering, alteration and repair.

  7. Carbon Creations
    Our patented grips with futuristic looks, superior strength and light weight: every set is offered with an unconditional lifetime guarantee — for superior quality, precision fit, and a flawless finish.

  8. Cheek-n-Stock for Shooters
    – Recoil cushioning cheek pad for shotgun or rifle shooters.

  9. Choate Machine and Tool, Inc.
    Manufacturer of polymer gunstocks and firearm accessories, catalog and online store.

  10. CollinsCraft
    – Over 40 years of experience making custom pistol grips using a variety of materials and styles. Cowboy action grips in Ivory, Micarta, Stag, Corian, Walnut, Dymoundwood, Zebrawood, and Rosewood.

  11. Dutchman Wood Works Stocks, Buttplates and Gripcaps
    Larry Schuknecht’s Dutchman Wood Works makes and repairs stocks, buttplates, gripcaps and stock “furniture.”

  12. Denzel Roberts
    – Custom buttstocks, forends, and grips for T/C Contender and Encore in a variety of woods and styles.

  13. Eagle Grips
    – Handcrafted custom handgun grips.

  14. Gibbs Rifle Company
    Supplier of new and surplus firearms, parts, stocks and ammunition.

  15. Hot Grips Stock Company
    Heated Firearm Stocks