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  1. Brenzovich
    Firearms and Training Center.


  1. Firearm Safety

    The NRA’s Guide to..

  2. NRA Headquarters: Safety, Education & Public Service
    – Site section for educating the young about guns not being toys. The purpose of the Eddie Eagle Program promotes the protection and safety of children.

  3. US – NRA Education & Training Division
    – Whether you are a new gun owner or shooter or hunter in search of training, NRA’s Education & Training Division is here to help you.


  1. AZ – Arizona Concealed Carry Weapon Permit
    – CCW renewal classes, Defensive handgun training and firearm safety.

  2. Gunsite Training Center
    The world leader in firearms instruction. Pauldin, AZ.

  3. Marksman’s Enterprise
    Avondale, AZ. Check out his Urban Carbine Manual/Video.

  4. Turnipseed Stance
    Chandler, AZ.



  1. Dave Bartlett’s Firearms Training Site
    Ottawa, Canada.

  2. Canada – Canadian Firearms Training
    – Information on Canadian firearm laws and licenses as well as services related to the Canadian firearms safety courses and exams.

  3. Canada – International Academy of Tactical Training Systems
    – Courses in personal defense and use of firearms e.g., pressure point control, knife defense, defensive pistol and shotgun, Canadian restricted firearms safety, and Saskatchewan law enforcement services security.



  1. CO – Defense Training International, Inc.
    – Defensive handgun, shotgun and rifle training. Fundamentals of defensive shooting for women and advanced defensive handgun courses also offered.(LaPorte, CO)

  2. CO – ESI Bodyguard Training Academy
    – Executive protection, and bodyguard training academy. Offers an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Criminal Justice or Certification with a major in Dignitary and Executive Protection, Personal Protection, Security Specialist or Protective Intelligence Operations. Rifle, Colorado


  1. CT – Defense Associates
    – Self-defense firearms training and lethal force management. Courses created by Chuck Taylor’s ASAA and Massad Ayoob’s Lethal Force Institute.


  1. FL – Rogers Shooting School
    – Instruction with handguns, sub-guns, shotguns, and rifles.


New Hampshire

  1. Lethal Force Institute
    Concord, NH.

North Carolina

  1. NC – Trigger Time Firearms Training
    – Provides firearms training to federal agencies, the defense department, state and local police, and the security industry. Carthage, North Carolina, serving Moore County.


  1. NV – Progressive F.O.R.C.E. Concepts
    – Provides modern firearms and self-defense training for personal combat by integrating tactical pistol instruction, edged weapons and unarmed combat tactics. Las Vegas.

  2. NV – UT – GMJ Enterprises
    – NRA Firearms Training and Concealed Carry Classes for Nevada and Utah.

New York

  1. NY – CCW – Pistol Licensing Service
    – A personalized, professional service for those seeking a pistol license for home/business protection, concealed carry, target shooting/hunting or armed guard employment.

  2. NY – Sportsmen’s Association for Firearms Education
    – New York organization concerned with the rights of firearms owners. Reviews proposed legislation from federal to local levals that affect same.


  1. OH – Brenzovich Firearms and Training Center
    – Home firearm safety; Advanced and basic handgun, shotgun and rifle; personal protection and pepper spray training. Other related activities are also conducted.

  2. OH – Targething Firearms Training
    – Certified firearms training classes. Beginner, intermediate, advanced, carry concealed, personal protection, and state mandated. Wayland, Ohio.


  1. OK – Paul Abel’s Shoot-N-Iron, Inc.
    – Practical Shooting and Training Academy is located 4 miles west of Shawnee, Oklahoma in the Bethel Acres community–35 miles east of Oklahoma City and close to Interstate 40.

  2. OK – Shoot-N-Iron Practical Shooting and Training Academy
    – Defensive and competitive handgun, rifle, and shotgun training classes. Personal self-defense weapons instruction. Small arms civilian, law enforcement, and military self defense, tactical, and marksmanship training.

  3. Olympic champion Lanny Bassham’s site on Mental Training for Sport
    – A system of mental training used to improve sports competition.


  1. PA – Comtac Firearms Training Center
    – Specializes in providing tactical, defensive, and competition firearms training to civilians, law enforcement and military personnel. Clearville, PA.

  2. PA – Lethal Weapons Training Academy
    – Firearms training for the novice, experienced shooter or professional law enforcement officer.


  1. WA – Firearms Academy of Seattle, Inc.
    – Self-defense firearms training and lethal force management. Also offers special seminars with experts like Massad Ayoob, Chuck Taylor, and Ken Hackathorn.

  2. Insights Training Center
    Bellevue, WA.

  3. International Tactical Training Seminars
    Clients include Tokyo PD, FBI, DEA, INS, USMC, and Special Warfare groups; Teach both beginners and experts on their private range.

West Virginia

  1. Handgun Certification Permit Training Course in WV
    – Class information for Certification for carrying concealed handgun in WV. Training provided for individuals or groups.

  2. WV – Storm Mountain Training Center
    – Courses vary from the entry-level Defensive Handgun courses to advanced sniping and CQB. Courses include: edged weapons, non-lethal combatives, basic/advanced/tactical carbine, sub-machine gun, shotgun, rifle, sniper, SWAT tactics, and others.

United Kingdom

  1. UK – Albert Cochrane Shooting School
    – Professional shooting tuition around the UK by a founder member of the Guild of Shooting Instructors and Fellow of the APSI.

  2. UK – Ladyswood Shooting School
    – Lady’s Wood welcomes all, the young entry whose parents wish him or her to be taught to become a safe, competent and well-mannered shot, and adults seeking some advice for improving their shooting.