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  1. Aker International Leather
    – Law enforcement leather gear.

  2. Andrews Custom Leather
    – Handmade leather holsters for many types of concealed carry including car, notebooks, personal wear, shoulder rigs, and others. Also makes western rigs, and belts.

  3. Bell Charter Oak Holsters
    – Custom made speed and concealment holsters.

  4. Beretta Holsters and Gun Cases>Beretta quality gun cases; the best in the world

  5. Bianchi International
    Holsters and Gun Leather.

  6. Brigade GunLeather, Inc.
    Quality holsters & accessories for concealment,law enforcement & high quality Western style rigs. Guaranteed and affordably priced.

  7. C. Rusty Sherrick Custom Leather Works
    – For all your Custom Holsters, Magazine Carriers, Dress Gun Belts, Accessories, and Cowboy Gear, all made exclusively from horsehide.

  8. Cochise Leather Company – Custom Leather Goods
    – Handmade leather gunbelts, chaps and holsters; both standard and concealment styles, spur straps, belts and saddlebags.

  9. D & S Enterprise
    – Holsters, tactical vests, fanny packs, etc.

  10. DeSantis Holster And Leather Goods
    Holsters for the front lines of law enforcement. This means that form follows function. First and foremost, the holster must perform as advertised

  11. Concealed Carry Clothiers
    – Concealed Carry Clothiers sells high quality, American-made garments with built-in holsters for carrying concealed handguns.

  12. C. Rusty Sherrick Custom Leather Works
    – Concealed, tactical, gun belts, mag. pouches, etc

  13. D & S Enterprise
    Holsters, Shoulder Holsters, Fanny Packs, Purses, Rifle & Pistol Cases, Hunting Vest and Much More..

  14. Dillon Precision Products, Inc.
    Dillon Holsters

  15. DeSantis
    Holster And Leather Goods

  16. Edge Works Manufacturing
    Leading manufacturer of Kydex, tactical synthetic holsters and knife sheaths.

  17. Frontier Gunleather
    Company makes quality holsters, gunbelts and accessories

  18. Gunslinger Rifle Holsters
    Comfort with No Shoulder Fatigue; Increased Mobility, Easy Access and Hands Free Carry

  19. H. B. E. Holsters
    A wide range of fine quality standard and custom holsters

  20. Haugen Handgun Leather
    Family owned store and leather makers in North Dakota

  21. Heinie Specialty Products
    – Holsters, Pistolsmithing, Sights, parts, and accessories.

  22. Galco International
    Premium holsters, belts and accessories

  23. Makarov
    Surplus and custom holsters for all models at great prices

  24. Bob Mernickle’s Custom Holsters
    – Building Fast Draw holsters for over 25 years.

    Milt Sparks Holsters Inc.
    very high quality “inside the waisrband” and other kinds of holsters and accessories

    Napier of London
    Premium quality English gun cases and holsters

  25. Smart Carry
    Makes four concealed carry gun holster sizes; both left and right hand draw

  26. Uberti
    Holstermakers in the Italian tradition of craftmanship, artistry and high quality; Makers of simply beautiful holsters, engraved firearms, blackpowder pistols, lever action rifles and classic western revolvers

  27. WRB Company
    WRB custom makes holsters, shooting and range bags, waist packs and offers famous name brands also. WRB products are made with pride in Gun Barrel City, Texas.