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Tips and Articles

Hunting is both a science and an art. We say a science because a successful hunter know he must pay attention to a thousand little details, not only when where and how he stalks but all of the little things that can affect the hunt even before he makes the decision. No matter how good your equipment or how well you know the territory, these little things can make your hunt a success.

  1. Avoid eating foods such as garlic and onions during season.
  2. Store your hunting clothing in unscented bags along with twigs, leaves, grasses or scent wafers that contain the natural scent of your hunting area.
  3. Use hunting clothes for hunting only. Do not wear them for changing oil, working in the yard or doing other household chores where you might pick up human odors.
  4. Don’t wear your hunting clothes in the cabin or campsite or in the car on your way out. Change into them when you arrive, thereby avoiding smoke, exhaust or food odors.
  5. Urine is a human as well as an animal marker. Use a tightly sealed urine bottle for nature’s call.
  6. Wear rubber-bottomed boots. They hold less human scent than leather-bottomed footwear.
  7. If you can, stop scouting about a month before the season opener so your human scent doesn’t build up in the area you will be hunting.
  8. Be aware of your silhouette when on the stand. Make sure a tree or brush is at your back to break up your outline.
  9. Twigs and branches could deflect an arrow. Double check your shooting lanes.
  10. Remember that big bucks may become almost completely nocturnal in heavily hunted areas. Your best chance for them is very early or very late.


Hunting Clothes Manufacturers

  1. Advantage
    From Boots to Bows to waders to wools

  2. AMT
    English Hunting Clothes

  3. Anschuetz
    All kinds of shooting clothes

  4. Beaver of Bolton
    Manufacturer of traditional British Country Wear including all kinds of the best quality hunting apparel

  5. Big Camo
    We cater to the big & tall sportsman. We are licensed to make and sell Mossy Oak and Realtree products in sizes 3-8XL and shoes to size 18. Most of us big and tall outdoorsmen have difficulty finding gear to fit.

  6. Blazer
    Blazer Pouches, Hats and Caps

  7. Bob Allen Sportswear

  8. Breaking Clay
    Long Island quality manufacturer of T-Shirts, Sweat Shirts, Caps, Pins and Patches

  9. Briarbuster Hunting Pants and Chaps
    Absolutely the finest highest quality hunting pants and chaps made anywhere

  10. Browning Clothing
    Browning high technology fabrics and designs

  11. British Wax Jackets
    An online retailer selling British Wax Jackets to outdoor enthusiasts throughout the world

  12. Bug Baffler
    Bug baffler Insect Protective Clothing

  13. Codet Wool Hunting Clothing
    Offering wool outerwear made for cold weather.

  14. Dakota Arms Caps, Tee Shirts, Books and Videos

  15. Eagle Industries
    We make technologically advanced and ergonomic equipment gear-carrying rigs feature a utility belt and/or suspenders that leather and ballistic nylon pouches, holsters, bags, and other carrying cases can be attached.

  16. Eagle Industries
    – Bags, Belts, Harnesses

  17. Essbee International
    Manufacturer and exporter of Sports goods, military uniforms and their accessories items from India for Armed/Paramilitary / Security forces & police. We have been exporting our products for over a decade to USA, Canada, West Indies, Middle East and Africa.

  18. Extreme Camouflage
    Ghillie Suit. Breaks up human outline, easily portable, lightweight and versatile in out door environments. New and innovative product unlike any camouflage item on the market today!

  19. Freddie Bear
    Hunting Clothes

  20. Fireshirts
    This site is fun. Have a shirt with a picture of your favorite gun. As they say, it is the easiest way to bear your favorite arms. If you’re heading out to a gun club, shooting range, gun show or just the corner market, don’t leave home without your best gun – on your shirt, on your chest

  21. Gamehide
    Manufactures camouflage outdoor clothing. Features products and dealers.

  22. Ghillie Suit Plus
    We offer one of the largest selections of high quality Ghillie Suits for Military, Paintball Enthusiasts, Hunters and Woodsball. We also offer kits so you can build them yourself and carry a full line of accessories – such as Rifle Wraps, Face Veils, Face Paint, Blankets, Backpack Covers, Jute and Masking Sprays. Ghillie Suits.Com offers a patented suit with the Finest and strongest materials for quality and strength. Our suits are based on a 100% Nylon netting with a 500 Lb. Tensile strength. Our Jute thread is 1-Ply, 10 Lb. Tensile strength, made from 100% Tossa Jute Fiber. We hand tie 4-5 strands of Jute Thread to every knot. That’s 40-50 Lbs. of strength at every knot

  23. Glacier Glove
    Neoprene and neoprene/fleece gloves, waders and socks for hunting and fly fishing.

  24. Ghillie Suits Online
    Ghillie suits offer the most advanced camouflage available. Whether you are hunting, paintballing, or simply nature watching, a ghillie suit gives the user the edge in the field.

  25. The Ghillie Suits
    The Ghillie Suits specializes in only ghillie suits. You won’t find anything but ghillie products here. Your orders have secure encryption and if you are still uneasy simply call us to place your order over the phone.

  26. Glenorchy Fur Products
    Manufacturers of New Zealand possum fur garments.

  27. Monarch Clothes
    Indian outdoor and Hunting Clothes; Foreign dignitaries like Johnny Carson, Beatles, Austin Powers, British Prime Minister Tony Blair, South African leader Nelson Mandela and actors like Sean Connery, Mike Myers

  28. NICA Shooting Accessories
    Clothing, bags and accessories for the clay target sports.

  29. Nimrod Pack Systems
    Offering quality outdoor gear, hunting packs, saddlebags, horse tack, fire packs and outdoor accessories.

  30. Pella Outdoor Clothing
    Offering rugged outdoor clothing for hunting and work.


Clothing Stores


  1. Appaloosa Trading Company
    Leather goods and silver jewelry in the western tradition; wholesale and retail

  2. Army Navy Store, Inc.
    Offers camouflage clothing, military footwear, and camping equipment for the family.

  3. Army Surplus Retailer
    Army surplus clothing and equipment, paintball clothing, camouflage gear, camping and outdoor accessories, retail arm of the contractors to the British Ministry of Defense.

  4. Forgotten Hunter
    Women’s camouflage clothing in sizes 2 to 20. Features products and contact information.

  5. Greenfield Guns
    Offering clothing from Barbour, Musto & Schoffel and outdoor clothing, footwear & shooting equipment.

  6. Hook and Shoot
    We are a leisure company focused on hunting, shooting, marine, paintball, camping, and archery equipment and supplies.

  7. Lasting Impressions
    Western Colorado based outlet which provides accessories for all your hunting needs including D.O.W. licences. Accessories for indoor and outdoor sports, engraving, silkscreening, and embroidery promotional items for both personal and advertising needs.

  8. Natural Gear
    Camouflage hunting garments.

  9. Right Hook
    We carry firearm and gun shirts for glock, heckler koch, sig sauer, ruger and others. Custom firearm shirts that are pro-gun.

  10. Ruggedclothing
    Offering camouflageclothing and hunting clothing . Quality rugged clothing gives you the edge where ever outdoor clothing is required.

  11. Right Hook
    We carry firearm and gun shirts for glock, heckler koch, sig sauer, ruger and others. Custom firearm shirts that are pro-gun.

  12. Save our Guns
    Pro 2nd Amendment T-Shirts and Hats.

  13. Sunset Creek Deerskin
    Retail wholesale deerskin products such as moccasins, driving gloves, baby booties, Purses, Coats, Jackets, Bags, Full Guarantee.