We try to have it full of the best information we can about the publications there are about hunting so you can choose for yourself Please scroll down to learn more.

Archery Magazines


  1. Archery Focus Magazine
    Archery Focus is the official Publication of the NAA and the APA

  2. Bow and Arrow Hunting
    – An online magazine with feature articles, and regular in-depth reports on today’s hottest bows, new products and a line-up of columns written by renowned bowmen

Hunting Dog Magazines


  1. Beagles Unlimited
    Comprehensive Beagle website and free online magazine for rabbit hunters, field trialers, obedience, agility, tracking competitors, and family pet owners. Online discussion boards on hunting and field trialing.
  2. FIeld Trial News
    Provides up to date information on field trials, hunt tests and shows, sponsored by Colorado pointing dog clubs.


Deer Hunting Magazines

  1. Buckmasters Whitetail Magazine Online
    Offers hunting season information, hunting games, chat rooms, online store, whitetail magazine articles, outfitters, BTR scoring system

  2. Deer and Deer Hunting Magazine
    Leading whitetail deer hunting magazine for bow and gun hunters. Deer hunting tactics, methods, calling, rattling, deer behavior and biology, quality deer management, and new product information


Bird Hunting and Shotgun Magazines

  1. Turkey and Turkey Huntings
    Helps hunters to maximize their success. Editorial focuses on turkey hunting techniques, turkey behavior and biology, the latest wild turkey research for hunters, equipment, destinations, and hunting ethics.

  2. Wild Turkey
    The Official publication of the National Wild Turkey Federation.


Outdoors Hunting Magazines

  1. Arizona Sportsman’s Journal – Azuho Productions
    Television program and website. News, information, and events for Arizona hunting, gun dogs, fishing, off-road, and outdoors activities.

  2. Bear Hunting Magazine
    Dedicated to the sport of Bear Hunting.

  3. Bowhunting Magazine
    The online edition of Bowhunting Magazine providing articles, and news.

  4. Breakthrough Magazine
    Taxidermy trade journal, featuring technique articles, wildlife reference, and related wildlife art subjects, such as fish carving.

  5. cazar.com
    Cazar.com is the premier Spanish on line magazine on the internet.

  6. Deer & Deer Hunting Magazine
    Magazine for white-tailed deer hunters, including bowhunting, firearms hunting and muzzleloader hunting.

  7. GreatLodge.com
    Providing licenses, trip planning, outfitter and guide directories, gear, advice, maps and the Great Lodge Journal, a magazine for hunting and fishing.

  8. Guns and Game
    Australia’s best Firearms and Hunting Magazine

  9. Hunt Chat
    A quite complete Chatroom

  10. Hunting
    A good Online Hunting Magazine

  11. Hunting Digest
    An online An online store and informational site with good articles and information on hunting

  12. Hunting Digest
    An online An online store and informational site with good articles and information on hunting

  13. Hunting, Fishing and Outdoors Online Magazine
    Articles written by experienced hunting and fishing enthusiasts.

  14. Hunting Guide for the U.S.
    A Web community for hunters.

  15. Hunting Leases Magazine
    Listings and description of land to lease for hunting and fishing. Primarily focused on Texas.

  16. Hunting Report
    Newsletter that serves the hunter who Free Travel Infos

  17. Monster Muleys
    Mule deer, and elk hunting online magazine.

  18. Northwood’s Sporting Journal
    Maine’s hunting, fishing and outdoor magazine.

  19. Outdoors Directory
    Articles and photos with information about Alaska hunting and fishing.

  20. Outdoor Life
    A partner publication of Field and Stream

  21. OutdoorSite

    Hunting and fishing in the United States.

    Outdoor Visions
    The Worlds Leading Distributor of Outdoor Videos

    Antique Guns and Muzzleloading Magazines


  • Black Powder Journal
    An Electronic Magazine for the Black Powder Enthusiast

  • Handloader Magazine
    The premier magazine of handloading

Hunting Business Magazines

  1. Firearms
    The magazine of the World’s Oldest Professional Firearms Retailers Association

  2. Rural Sportsman
    Everything you ever wanted to know about hunting clubs
  3. Whitetail Businessr
    Whitetail Business targets the hunting the industry’s driving force – the white-tailed deer hunting market – in its annual issue