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  1. Burlington Rifle and Pistol Club Junior Competition Team
    Contains current and past season details, results, records, photographs, related links, and an overview of the team.
  2. Features the 40 States that host Olympic-style competitions. Contains newsletters, press releases, sponsorship details, and job opportunities.
  3. Olympic Shooting Fact Sheet
    Information describing the events and history of shooting events in the Olympics.
  4. Olympic Shooting: General Information
    The United States Olympic Committee (USOC) is the coordinating body for Olympics-related activity in the USA. The USOC assists in finding opportunities for every American to participate in sports.
  5. Russian Shooting Union
    Official site of the Russian sport shooting organization. Includes news, official rules and organization.
  6. World Wide Olympic Shooting Giant’s Gallery 1996-1996
    Olympic shooting competition consists of two parts: basic shooting and final shooting. On the final shooting the top eight athletes of basic competition are simultaneously fighting to win the gold.