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A History of H&K/Mauser

HK Company History

On July 31, 1811, his Majesty Friedrich I of Wurttemberg signed a document establishing a royal weapons factory in the Black Forest village of Oberndorf, Germany. The factory, employing 133 workers, opened for business in 1812.
Almost fifty years later, in 1867, Wilhelm and Paul Mauser invented a novel bolt system for breechloaders. This weapon was introduced as the German infantry weapon M71 in 1871. In 1897, the royal weapons factory became Waffenfabrik Mauser AG. The 20th century saw the factory expanded and a new product line, an infantry weapon model 98, was introduced. In 1945, the former royal weapons factory was dismantled by French occupying forces. Edmund Heckler, Theodor Koch and Alex Seidel, former Mauser engineers, saved what they could from the ruins, thus laying the foundation for what was to become Heckler & Koch.
Heckler and Koch GmbH (HK) was registered in December of 1949 and officially opened for business in this historical center of German gun-making enterprise in 1950. In the aftermath of World War II, the new firm would eventually help rebuild a nation destroyed by war. Founded in an engineering office of the former air-raid protection of the Fire Brigade warehouse, HK’s early product line featured parts and spares for household machines and bicycles. However, this range of products was soon expanded to include the design and manufacture of gauges and specialized tooling.
Soon, HK’s dedication to innovating and developing products of the highest engineering and quality standards resulted in the development of their first firearm, the G3. By 1959, the G3 was the standard issue assault rifle for all German forces by the Bundeswehr of the Federal Republic of Germany. The G3 used the unique delayed-locked roller bolt system; an operating system widely hailed today for its strength, reliability and low recoil. Used by the military in more than fifty nations, some three million G3’s have been produced to date.
And, in mid-1960, HK gained international prominence with the design and manufacture of the 9mm Machinenpistole 5 (MP5), soon to become the world’s most popular submachine gun, embraced by special operations forces worldwide. A variety of models have been added over the past thirty years but the MP5 remains the preeminent arm of its class.
Also during 1960, HK perfected the polygonal profile barrel. Deemed superior to conventional “lands-and-grooves” rifling, the polygonal bore profile effectively seals propellant gases behind the bullet – increasing bullet velocity. An added advantage to the polygonal profile barrel is that it will outlast a “lands-and-grooves barrel” by thousands of rounds.
Handgun development also commanded the attention of HK designers and engineers during these years. In 1969, a reworking of the delayed-locked roller bolt system was introduced in a pistol – the P9S. Acclaimed for its accuracy, the P9S was officially embraced by several elite military units, including the US Navy SEALS. However, the most radical feature of the P9S was its design. The receiver was designed using a newly developed high-tech plastic composite called polymer, which molded around the steel frame. With the development of another polymer framed HK handgun, the futuristic VP70, these models predated by more than fifteen years the introduction of polymer framed handguns by competing firms.
In 1976, Heckler & Koch, Inc., a U.S. company with headquarters in Arlington, then Chantilly and finally Sterling, Virginia was established to serve the needs of the U.S. military, law enforcement and civilian markets.
In the mid-1970’s, HK received an order from the Federal Republic of Germany, Ministry of Defense to develop a weapon system utilizing “caseless ammunition” technology. The breakthrough technology pioneered by HK on the G11 and Advanced Combat Rifle was successfully tested throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s but not adopted for reasons related to the end of the Cold War.
HK innovation continued and, in the late 1970’s, the HK P7 was introduced into the U.S. and international markets. The P7 was considered quite radical in design and technology, and today it remains the fastest and most accurate production handgun manufactured.
During the1980’s, the precision accuracy found on the HK91 and its related variants, the SR9T, the SR9TC and PSG1 enabled target shooters to achieve performance unmatched in semi-automatic rifles.
The renowned Universal Self-loading Pistol (USP) debuted in early 1993. Considered HK’s first pistol designed especially for American shooters, the USP incorporates many traditional handgun design elements with advanced materials and engineering technology. Equally respected is the Mark 23, developed during 1992-93 for the US Special Operations Command (SOCOM) using much of the technology and engineering knowledge gained in creating the USP. In 1996, the USP Compact joined the standard frame USP line, winning plaudits for a full hand-grip and other user innovations. The USP Compact has since been adopted by many federal law enforcement agencies.
The close of the 20th century clearly signaled that the innovation and the technology which founders Heckler, Koch and Seidel had established showed no sign of abating. 1999 marked the first time since World War II that German soldiers were in combat. Using the newly developed Heckler & Koch G36 5.56mm rifle, German army units fought in support of human rights and social justice during NATO’s ground deployment in Kosovo.


Silhouette Shooting

We started in 1996 as an all-volunteer public service to hunting. No one has ever taken a penny in salary. All our information and pictures are free. Please scroll down to learn more.


  1. CA – Los Angeles Silhouette Club
    Provides a short history, a list of officers, events, information for new shooters and scoring information.
  2. IHMSA Wisconsin
    Information on International Handgun Metallic Silhouette Association affiliated clubs in the state of Wisconsin–the names and addresses of all the clubs, how to contact the club directors, match dates and directions.
  3. IHMSA-Brasil – Silhuetas Metálicas
    Metallic Silhouettes are a type of shooting sport where one uses small and big bore calibers handguns. A hunting situation is simulated shooting at animal shapped metallic targets such as chickens, pigs, turkeys and rams.
  4. MI – Great Lakes Handgun Metallic Silhouette Association
    Provides general information and safety rules, match schedules for clubs, lists of officers and location maps.
  5. MI – Rifle Silhouette Shooting
    Provides information about match dates, maps, clubs, course of fire, entry fees, eligibility and pictures.
    Offers smallbore silhouette shooting. Includes information about competitions, a list of ranges, hardware, technique and a forum.

Automatic Weapons

We started in 1996 as an all-volunteer public service to hunting. No one has ever taken a penny in salary. All our information and pictures are free and downloadable. Copy and use whatever you want. We would appreciate attribution. Please scroll down to learn more.

“Automatic rifle” is a term generally used to describe a self-loading rifle capable of firing either semi- or fully automatically from a magazine or belt of ammunition.

In many cases, it describes a rifle capable of self-loading and firing a single round for each pull of the trigger (i.e. firing semi-automatically). However, it is also used to describe non-intermediate firearms capable of fully automatic fire (a type of automatic firearm). Depending on the expert and point in history, automatic carbines and assault rifles are sometimes considered to be a type of automatic rifle, and at other times separated on their own categories.

As an example of the confusion, or at least differences that arise in term usage, there are books which feature a section for automatic rifles listing several semi-automatic self-loading rifles, but not a single fully automatic weapon. On the other hand, soldiers of the United States Army carrying the M249 SAW are designated automatic riflemen, and the weapon itself an automatic rifle – even though it is a fully automatic firearm, normally classified as a squad automatic weapon (SAW) or light machine gun.

One possible way to distinguish between an “assault rifle” and an “automatic rifle” is by looking at the safety. If the first fire mode of the weapon is fully automatic, then it is an assault rifle. If the first fire mode is semi-automatic, then it can be considered an automatic rifle. This is however only a rough guide, since many weapons have a burst fire mode today.

Assault Rifle

The Changing Face of Infantry Combat
From ancient times, light infantry had fought in dispersed formations, while heavy infantry had fought in tightly packed formations. This continued as the sling and spear were replaced by musket and bayonet. Bright colored uniforms (German: Blue, Russian: Green; British: Red, French: White) became a standard for unit cohesion in the midst of clouds of black powder smoke. Muskets were inaccurate at distances greater than 50 to 100 meters, and multiple ranks and a reserve were necessary so that some part of the unit would be ready to fire at all times. Tight formations also aided officers in controlling their men during combat.

The adaptation of rifled muskets for military use in the mid-19th century increased range and firepower and made battle from dense formations an increasingly bloody affair as witnessed by the high level of casualties in the American Civil War. Skirmisher tactics were given greater emphasis as gunpowder weapons increased in reliability, accuracy, and rate of fire. Cavalry adapted by dismounting, and using skirmisher tactics with breechloading rifles (which could be reloaded from a prone position, reducing vulnerability to enemy fire).

After the American Civil War magazine-fed rifles, rapid fire machine guns and high explosive shells for the artillery, spelled the end of the dense infantry formation. This meant that infantry units could no longer engage in either long or short range open field battle and that different tactics to prevent the needless wastage of men. Military leaders and arms manufacturers thus began grasping for a new type of weapon for this new era.

1900s-1930s: Pre-Sturmgewehr Light Automatic Rifles
These automatic firearms tended to use used pre-existing rifle cartridges, kinetic energy ranged between 3,000-5,000 J (2,200-3,700 foot-pounds), velocities of 750-900 m/s (2,460-2,950 ft/s) and bullets of 9 to 13 g (139-200 grains).

The first assault rifle was the Italian-made Cei-Rigotti, which was developed in the 1890s and finished around 1900. While tested in Italy and the United Kingdom, it never entered military service, however. The first service assault rifle was the Russian Fedorov Avtomat issued for the first time in 1915, chambered for the Japanese Arisaka 6.5 x 50 mm rifle cartridge, which was only used in small numbers.

During World War I the French Chauchat was introduced, an automatic rifle that was produced in large numbers (250,000). Like the later assault rifle it was capable of both single and automatic fire, and was loaded with a magazine and also featured a pistol grip. Compared to other light machine guns of the time the Chauchat was fairly light at the weight of 9 kg but it was still too cumbersome for closer quarters and had recoil that was too heavy to control when firing fully automatic due to the powerful 30-06 cartridge.


Klashnikov History

We try to provide you with the most complete information we can about the AK 47 available anywhere. We try to update our sources constantly. Please click on the names below for information on their recipes.

Hunting Society Approved

This is the story of the gun that defeated Hitler and his armies in Russia. It was developed by an obscure gunsmith who somehow after years of disparagement, managed to convince the Army hierarchy that the simple, rugged, easy to maintain rapidfire submachinegun he had designed was what they needed to fend off the Germans.

He didn’t get immediate acceptance the first time he submitted it; nor the second time, nor the third. It was only because of his persistence and the USSR’s terrible need that it happened at all. But it did happen and the world received a true masterpiece – the most famous and revered gun of the 20th Century. It is highly probable that without the Kalashnikov the Russians would never have been able to hold on the Eastern Front and that Hitler would have been able to throw the full weight of the Wehrmacht and the Luftwaffe against the Allied landings in Normandy.

Modernization of the Kalashnikov Submachine Gun

1947 Base model for all AK’s entered service. This submachine gun has been manufactured up to 1959. In several countries it is still being manufactured and modernized to some extent today. In 1959 there was a modernization of the submachine gun aimed to increase its technical and operating characteristics. At the same time there were developed the light machine guns with a fixed and folding butt on the basis of the submachine gun “RPK-47”.

In 1961 the complex of Kalashnikov machine guns was adopted in Army:


  • PKS – a heavy machine gun
  • PKB – an armored carrier machine gun
  • PKT – a tank machine gun.


At the end of his 60th and the beginning of his 70th years the works on creation of the submachine guns for cartridges of reduced caliber began. It was aimed to increase the battle efficiency and operational characteristics of the weapon. After a number of experiments the cartridge 5.45×39 with a steel bullet slug was chosen.

In 1974 the complex of submachine guns and light machine guns for such type of cartridge was developed and adopted in armament.

In 1990 the Army was equipped with the modernized Kalashnikov submachine gun AK-74M, having folding plastic butt with the accessory placed in it and a plate for mounting optical and night sights.

In 1991 the same modernization was carried out with a light machine gun. And so the modernized Kalashnikov light machine guns RPK-74M (5.45 mm) was addopted in armament. It replaced four modification of light machine guns.

Nowadays Kalashnikov submachine guns, the series 100, are developed with the purpose of expansion of their nomenclature for various types of cartridges and export.


  • AK101 – the 5,56 mm Kalashnikov submachine gun for cartridge 5,56×45 NATO
  • AK102 – the same but with a short barrel
  • AK103 – the 7,62 mm Kalashnikov submachine gun for cartridge 7,62×39
  • AK104 – the same but with a short barrel
  • AK105 – 5,45 mm Kalashnikov submachine gun with a short barrel for cartridge 5,45×39.


In 1993 within the framework of conversion of a defensive industry of “IZHMASH” Open Joint Stock Company developed the self-loading hunting carbine “Saiga” on the basis of the Kalashnikov submachine guns.


Knife Stores and Wholesalers

  1. Ability Web Service, Inc.
    Features a variety of brand name kitchen cutlery, hunting, and pocket knives. Also includes sharpening stones.

  2. Aceros de Hispania
    Includes bowie, combat, survival, skinner, scuba, throwing, and knives made in Spain.

  3. Balisong World
    Supplier of Balisongs and variation butterfly knives from manufacturers.

  4. BenchMade Knives
    Sells a variety of knives and other cutlery.

  5. Booysen Handmade Knives
    Folding knives by an indigenous african.

  6. Brian Lyttle Knives
    Bladesmith and instructor offers bowies, hunters, daggers, dirks, folders, and carving knives. Engraving and scrimshaw.

  7. Custom Cutlery, Inc.
    Cutlery, knives and knife making supplies.

  8. Fred Eisen Art Knives
    Dealer for custom knife makers, also offers accessories.

  9. Gary Levine Knives
    Dealer for various makers. Also purchases and resells from collectors and estates.

    E-source that sells only Gerber knives, multitools, and camping gear.

  11. Hendrix Knives
    Handmade knives by stock removal method. Tapered tangs with exotic handle materials and steel guards.

  12. Jantz Knifemaking Supply Kits
    Pre-shaped blades, handle materials, rivets, books, leather and kydex sheath supplies, polishing and finishing tools.

  13. Japanese Knives by Kikuichi
    Japanese cutlery for over 700 years, manufactured with the legacy of the Samurai.

  14. K and G Finishing Supplies
    Stabilized woods, handle material, and all supplies for knife makers.

  15. Khukuri Palace
    Nepalese wholesaler and retailer of authentic khukuris, the traditional weapon that every Ghurkha soldier still carries today.

  16. Myerchin, Inc.
    Sport and marine rigging knives, dive watches, sheaths, gear and marine classics. Suppliers to US Navy and Coast Guard.

    Victorinox Swiss Army knives including pen, altimeter, timekeeper, gift sets, and multi-use tools.

  18. Texas Knifemaker’s Supply
    Source for blades, steel, handle materials, kits, equipment, tools, sharpening, heat treatment, and cryogenics.

  19. Thompson’s Knife Supply
    Components for making Scandinavian style knives.

  20. Victorinox Swiss Army Knives
    Range of Victorinox Swiss Army Knives from Switzerland.

Hunting Blinds and Tree and Gun Stands

We are the largest and most popular animal, hunting and archery information sites on the Internet. We are also the most popular after Cabela’s. Finally, we get more page views because there is so much more to see.
We started in 1996 as an all-volunteer public service to hunting. No one has ever taken a penny in salary. All our information and pictures are free. Please scroll down to learn more.


  1. The Buckingham Palace
    Offering two different models of deer hunting blinds.

  2. the blynd
    Offering single and double blinds with towers available up to 15′.

  3. Ameristep
    Offering tree steps, ground blinds, tree stands and camouflage chairs.

  4. Advanish Camo Hunting Blinds
    The most convenient, portable, versatile, and effective hunting blind ever developed.

  5. BuckHouse
    Hunting blinds for deer hunters and duck hunters.

  6. Buck-N-Good Blind Stakes
    Offering blind stakes used to create hunting blinds using the surrounding brush for cover.

  7. Chas-Mac, Inc.
    Providing deer hunting equipment and supplies for hunters.

  8. Deer Stands
    Offering tubular metal tree stands, platforms, blinds, foldups and tree ladders. Also offers toll free number for ordering.

  9. Duck Blinds Unlimited
    Northern California-based supplier of hunting blinds, clothing, and accessories.

  10. Duck Dock
    Offering portable duck hunting blinds.

  11. Flyway Specialties
    Easy Up boat blinds, Flyway Headlamp, Pumper decoys, Turkey blinds, Flyway Grass. Trulock Chokes, Flapper Dove and Duck and Custom Duck and Goose calls
  12. Lucky’s Hunting Blinds
    Blinds for bow and gun hunting that are quick and simple to setup or move. Great looking design with multiple windows. Also offers online ordering.

  13. Quality Tree Stand Plans
    Quality plans for building various types of tree stands.

  14. War Eagle Boats
    Builds aluminum hunting and fishing boats with camouflage patterns. Includes specifications, photos, options and accessories, logo clothing, and contact information. Located in Monticello, Arkansas.


The Choke Makers Society

We try to provide you with the best information we can about rifle, shotgun, pistol barrels and gun chokes. We update our sources constantly. Please scroll down to learn more.



  1. Ardmore Gun Repair
    – Shotgun choke tubes and installation. Standard and thinwall tube systems, cut and polish long forcing cones, chrome plated and non-plated bores.

  2. B Square
    Gun Chokes

  3. Briley Gun Chokes
    Briley manufactures the World’s Best Chokes, is a pistol dealer, shotgun dealer, and rifle dealer, and can work on nearly any firearm.

  4. Carlson Chokes
    A full line of chokes for all major makes

    An online store specializing in all brands of Chokes

  6. Colonial Arms
    We make the world’s finest line of “screw” choke tubes

  7. Johnny’s
    Excellent site with much information; Company makes Screw-in shotgun choke tube installation, Standard and Thinwall choke tube systems , Cut and polish long forcing cone, Chrome plated and non-plated bores, Turkey tubes, Turkey barrel set-up, Gunsmithing, gun repair

  8. Marble Arms and Polychoke
    A complete line of Ribs, Chokes and other accessories

  9. Patternmaster Shotgun Choke Tube System
    Patented new choke tube technology “chokes” all sizes of steel, tungsten, bismuth and lead shot sizes #9000 without constriction

  10. Remington Arms Company Inc. (USA)
    Remington Chokes

  11. SKB Shotguns
    Knurled Chokes and InterChokes

  12. Trulock Chokes
    Superior chokes for Pattern, Precision and Sporting Clays shooting for all makes of shotguns. 5% discount to NRA members

  13. Teague Precision Chokes
    – Replacement chokes for Browning, Miroku and Beretta 12 gauge shotguns.

  14. Trulock Chokes
    Superior chokes for Pattern, Precision and Sporting Clays shooting for all makes of shotguns. 5% discount to NRA members

  15. Vang Comp Systems
    – The alterations to the barrel consist of lengthening the forcing cone, back-boring the barrel, and adding compensating ports.

  16. Wad Wizard Choke Tube System
    – Wad Wizard ™ Shotgun Choke Tubes used in waterfowl hunting, deer hunting, turkey hunting, sporting clays and law enforcement. Can use any size buck shot, steel shot, tungsten shot and Hevishot ™ with this choke tube system.


A History of Winchester

We try to provide the most complete information we can get about guns and Hunting. We update our sources constantly. Please scroll down to read the History.

Hunting Society Approved

Below is a brief timeline of historical information regarding Winchester Firearms. Winchester was in the great tradition of independent, creative, inventive craftsmen of the Connecticut valleys. They were hard working, meticulous, demanding, domineering, craftsmen with the sincere puritanical belief that if they worked hard, made something better, offered it at a price people could afford, then God, nature and the intelligence of the American people would recognize their effort and reward them.

Year Event
1854 Introduction of volcanic repeating handguns.
1855 Volcanic Repeating Arms Company formed.
Oliver Winchester buys stock in Volcanic Repeating Arms.
Volcanic carbine introduced
1856 Offices moved to New Haven, Connecticut.
Name changed to New Haven Arms Company.
1860 Henry rifle patented.
1862 First Henry rifles are sold.
1866 Oliver Winchester buys control of New Haven Arms Company and changes name to the Winchester Repeating Arms Company.
Model 1866 “Yellow Boy lever action introduced — first gun to bear the Winchester name.
1868 Assets of Spencer Company purchased by Winchester.
1873 Model 1873 lever action introduced in centerfire and rimfire.
1875 Winchester buys rights to Hotchkiss bolt action centerfire.
1876 Model 1876 lever action introduced.
1879 John Browning patents his single shot rifle
1880 Oliver Winchester passes on.
1883 Model 1883 Hotchkiss Magazine Gun introduced. First Winchester bolt action.
1885 Rights to Model 1885 Single Shot bought by Winchester from John Browning. The first of many Browning designs made by Winchester.
1886 Model 1886 lever action introduced.
1887 Model 1887 lever action shotgun introduced.
Model 1887 pump action shotgun introduced.
1890 T.G. Bennett becomes president of Winchester Repeating Arms Company.
Model 1890 slide action .22 rimfire introduced.
1892 Model 1892 lever action introduced.
1894 Model 1894 lever action introduced. The 94 is without doubt the most famous of all deer hunting rifles in history. In addition, no rifle came to symbolize the romance of the West more that the Winchester Model 94.
1895 Model 1895 centerfire rifle introduced. Utilizes a box magazine especially designed to accommodate the recently introduced high power smokeless cartridges and pointed bullets.
1899 Model 1890 bolt action .22 rimfire introduced.
1903 Model 1903 semi-auto .22 rimfire introduced.
1911 Model 1911 semi-auto shotgun introduced. The first Winchester semi-auto shotgun.
1912 Model 1912 pump shotgun introduced. Later called the Model 12.
1919 Model 52 rimfire bolt action introduced.
1925 Model 54 centerfire bolt action rifle introduced.
1930 Model 21 side-by-side. Considered the premiere American made double.
1931 Olin purchases Winchester Repeating Arms Company and combines it with the Western Cartridge Company.
1932 Model 62 slide action .22 rimfire is introduced.
1936 Model 70 centerfire bolt action rifle introduced. The first centerfire bolt action designed by Winchester specifically for sporting use.
1937 Model 37 single shot shotgun introduced.
1954 Model 50 semi-auto shotgun.
1959 Model 59 semi-auto shotgun introduced.
1963 Original Model 70 discontinued. Rifles before this date became known as Pre-’64 Model 70s. Model 101 over/under shotgun introduced.
1964 New Model 70 introduced.
Original Model 1400 introduced.
Model 1200 pump shotgun introduced.
Model 94 antique.
1966 Model 66 introduced — first commemorative produced.
1967 Model 94 saddle ring carbine.
Model 94 Classic.
1972 Model 9422 introduced.
S.L.L. Magnum
1974 Super-X Model 1 semi-auto shotgun introduced.
1978 Model 1300 pump & 1500 semi-auto shotguns introduced.
Model 23 XTR
1979 Model 94 XTR
Model 94 XTR Big Bore
1981 U.S. Repeating Arms Company is formed and continues manufacturing Winchester brand rifles and shotguns in New Haven, Connecticut, under license from Olin Corporation.
1982 Model 70 Westerner
1983 Model 94 Chief Crazy Horse Commemorative
Model 9422 Annie Oakley Commemorative
1984 Model 94 angle eject
Winchester & Colt Commemorative set
Model 1300 Featherweight pump shotgun, 12 ga. and 20 ga.
Model Winchester Ranger semi-auto shotgun, 12 ga. and 20 ga.
Model 1300 pistol grip models
Model 70 Featherweight Ultra Grade
1985 Model 70 Lightweight carbine standard action
Model 70 Lightweight mini-carbine short action
Model 70 XTR Sporter
Model 70 XTR Super Express Magnum
Model 70 XTR Sporter Varmint
Model 94 angle eject standard Big Bore carbine
Model 9422 XTR rifle standard or magnum calibers
Model 9422 XTR Classic rifle standard or magnum calibers
Model 9422 Eagle Scout Limited Edition
Model 9422 Boy Scouts of American Commemorative
Model 1300 magnum Waterfowl
Model 70 Ranger youth model carbine
Model 1300 Ranger youth slide action
Model 70 Ranger bolt action, standard action
Model 94 Ranger lever action carbine
1986 Model 23 Classic Series — Quail Special, Super, Pigeon, two barrel hunting set
Model 23 Classic 12 gauge
Model 23 Classic 20 gauge
Model 23 Classic 28 gauge
Model 23 Classic .410 gauge
Model 23 Custom two barrel set
Model 23 Golden Quail
Model 23 Light Duck
Model 94 120th Commemorative Anniversary Carbine
Model 9422 “The Lady”
1987 Model 70 50th Anniversary Edition
Model 70 Lightweight rifle longer barrel
Model 70 “WinTuff” “WinCam” and “WinLite”
Model 94 WinTuff carbine
Model 94 long barrel rifle
Model 9422 WinCam .22 magnum
Model 1300 Camo Pack 22″ and 30″ barrels
Model 1300 Ranger Deer combination pack
Model 1300 Ranger shotgun combination
1988 Model 1300 Wild Turkey Federation “Gun of the Year”
Model 1300 XTR 28″ barrel
Model 1300 XTR Featherweight 22″ barrel
Model 1300 WinTuff magnum
Model 1300 WinTuff Deer gun with rifled barrel
1989 Model 70 Varmint 26″ barrel
1990 Model 70 Sporter 25-06,
Model 70 Custom Super Grade 7mm Rem. Mag., 300 Win. Mag., 338 Win. Mag.
Model 70 Super Express .375 H&H Mag., 458 Win. Mag., .375 Standard
Model 9422 Exclusive Magnum models
Model 1400 28″, 20 ga. barrels — Slug Hunter
Model 1300 Slug Hunter
Model 1300 28″ barrels
Model 1300 Stainless Marine, corrosion resistant finishes
Model 70 Super Grade .270 Win., 30-06 Springfield
Model 70 Featherweight calibers, 65X55, 7mm Rem. Mag., 300 Win. Mag.
Model 70 Ranger — Adult .243 Win.– Ladies/Youth .308 Win.
Model 94 improved sights, quarter action
Model 1400 26″ barrel, High Grade model
Model 1400 Walnut Slug Hunter
Model 1400 all combos and deer guns drilled & tapped for scope
Model 1300 White Tails Unlimited “Gun of the Year”
Model 1300 26″ barrels, custom model
Model 1300 Ranger 26″, all deer
Model 1300 20 gauge Defender
1992 New management at U.S. Repeating Arms. Plans for entirely new, modern production facility in New Haven, Connecticut, under license from Olin Corporation.
Model 70 Stainless rifle
Model 70 Featherweight classic with controlled round feeding
Model 70 detachable magazine
Model 70 .308 Win. in composite stock
Model 70 Ranger in .223 Rem.
Model 94 Large Loop Wrangler model in .357 Mag.
Model 1300 National Wild Turkey Federation Series III “Gun of the Year”
1993 Model 70 Custom Sharpshooter 7mm STW
Model 70 Super Express model
Model 70 Heavy Varmint, synthetic stock, heavy barrel
Model 70 DBM-S, detachable box magazine
Model 12 Classic Traditions, 20 ga. Grade I-IV
Model 52 Classic Traditions .22 Sporting rifle
Model 42 Classic Traditions .410 High Grade
Model 1001 over/under shotgun
Model 1300 National Wild Turkey Federation Series IV
Model 1400 Quail Unlimited
1994 Return of the Pre-’64 Model 70 type action design with claw extraction, controlled round feed, fixed-type ejection and many other features that made the original the most loved and prized bolt action rifle in history. Of all the Winchesters, no rifle design has been revered more among hunters, collectors, target shooters and outdoor writers than the Model 70 with the Pre-’64 type action
One Hundredth Anniversary of the Winchester Model 94 lever action. Specially engraved anniversary models are offered to commemorate the most famous of all Winchester lever actions. Often called “The Gun that Won the West.” Its design and effectiveness is so superior that it remains one of the most popular deer rifles in the world.
Model 94 Custom Limited Edition Centennial
Model 94 Limited Edition Grade I and High Grade
Model 70 Classic Custom Sharpshooter .220 Swift
Model 70 Classic Super Express .416 Rem. Mag.
Model 70 Heavy Varmint .220 Swift
Model 70 Classic DBM .284 Win.
Model 1300 Realtree Turkey gun
1995 Model 70 Ultimate Classic with fluted barrel
Model 70 Ultimate Classic stainless with full octagon barrel
Model 94 Legacy
Model 1895 Limited Edition High Grade
Model 1895 Limited Edition Grade I
Model 9422 High Grade
Model 1001 discontinued
Model 1300 Turkey
Model 1300 Deer with rifle barrel, Full Advantage camo pattern
Model 1300 Deer with smoothbore barrel with Full Advantage camo pattern
1996 Model 70 Custom Classic Sharpshooter II stainless steel
Model 70 Custom Classic  Sporting Sharpshooter II
Model 70 Classic Featherweight All-Terrain
Model 9422 Trapper
1996 Model 70 Ultimate Classic Stainless with full octagonal barrel, left-hand version
Model 63 High Grade semi-auto
Model 1895 Grade I
Model 1892 High Grade and Grade I
Model 70 Classic Featherweight Stainless
Model 70 Classic Laredo Long Range Hunter
Model 70 Classic Sporter right or left-hand
Model 94 Trails End with American Walnut stock
Model 9422 Anniversary Edition High Grade
Model 9422 Anniversary Edition Grade I
Model 1300 Turkey with gray all purpose Realtree camo full camo coverage
Model 1300 Advantage Field
Model 1300 Lady Defender 8 shot, 20 ga. with synthetic stock
Model 1300 Lady Defender 8 shot, 20 ga. with synthetic pistol grip stock
1997 Model 1886 High Grade
Model 70 Classic Compact
Model 70 Classic Laredo LRH fluted barrel
Model 70 Classic Laminated Camo Stainless
Model 70 Black Shadow
Model 94 Black Shadow
Model 94 Ranger Compact
Model 9422 Legacy
Model 9422 Large Loop and walnut
Model 9422 High Grade Series II
1999 Super X2 3 1/2″
Super X2 Turkey 3 1/2″
Super X2 3″
Super X2 Field 3″
Model 1300 Upland Special
Model 1300 Camp Defender
Model 70 Classic Safari Express
Model 94 Timber Carbine
Model 70 Custom African Safari, .358 STR
Model 70 Custom “Ultra Light” Mannlicher


Tree Stands and Ladders

We are the largest and most popular animal, hunting and archery information sites on the Internet. We are also the most popular after Cabela’s. Finally, we get more page views because there is so much more to see.
We started in 1996 as an all-volunteer public service to hunting. No one has ever taken a penny in salary.
All our information and pictures are free. Please scroll down to learn more.
  1. Ameristep
    All kinds of tree stands

  2. Big Game Treestands
    Providing a complete line of useful, reliable, & Rock Solid(tm) products since 1977. See how we are leading the way by design.

  3. Chippewa Wedge-Loc Tree stands
    Offers tree stands and bowhunting accessories.

  4. Cranford Mfg. Inc.
    Offering EZY treesteps and guardian safety systems for tree stands; makers of hunting accessories, and software for deer hunting.

  5. Equalizer Treestands, Inc.
    The Equalizer Adjustable Climbing Treestand Can Be Leveled Anytime During A Climb! The Geared Leveling System Gives You 12″ Of Adjustment As You Climb. You Can Actually Start Level, Making It Easier To Get Into The Stand.

  6. Family Tradition Tree stands, Inc.
    Manufacturer and wholesale distributor of quality Ladder Tree stands and Tripod Stands.

  7. Green Leaf Designs
    Twenty different designs of Hunting Blinds & Stands, Ladder Stands, Tower Stands, More Tower Stands, Ground Blinds and Ice Shanties

  8. X-Stand
    a lightweight, two-piece climbing tree stand; Stand Series range from only 10 – 13 pounds depending on model.

First Aid Kits

We started in 1996 as an all-volunteer public service to hunting. No one has ever taken a penny in salary. All our information and pictures are free. Please scroll down to learn more.
  1. Adventure Medical Kits
    First aid kits for wilderness medicine, family outings, travel, sports and home emergencies.

  2. All Things First Aid
    Offers a large selection of custom first aid supplies.

  3. Always Be
    Offers first aid kits and supplies, 72 hour survival kits, trauma Kits, and emergency supplies.

  4. American EHS, Inc.
    Features kits for home, outdoors, vehicles, work, and disaster survival.

  5. American Natural Technology Services
    Offers Mitigator insect sting and bite treatment.

  6. Bostock Health Care
    First Aid supplies, training, and kits offered.

  7. CPR Savers and First Aid Supply
    Offers first aid kits and emergency supplies for individuals and businesses.

  8. Easigrip Ltd.
    Specializes in tubular bandages for support and dressing retention, sprains, and strains.

  9. Fieldtex Products, Inc.
    Offers a large selection of kits and individual supplies.

  10. Fieldtex Products, Inc.
    Includes plastic and metal first aid kits for personal, sports, industrial, and EMT use.

  11. First Aid and Safety
    Offering first aid supplies and safety products, such as burn treatment kits, protective creams, first aid stations and cabinets, and trauma kits.

  12. First Aid and Safety
    Offering first aid supplies and safety products, such as burn treatment kits, protective creams, first aid stations and cabinets, and trauma kits.

  13. First Aid
    Specializes in a variety of first aid kits and supplies for families and businesses.

  14. First Aid Products Online
    Industrial, specialty, travel, EMT/Responder and sports kits. Also wound care, medicinals, gloves, masks, outdoor care products, eye irrigating solutions, tongue depressors, and cold packs.

  15. First Aid
    Specializes in first aid kits and supplies.

  16. George Townsend and Co.
    An all natural lotion designed to provide immediate relief for fire ant bite or sting or other insect sting irritations.

  17. HCS First Aid Kits
    First aid kits from Hesperia Christian School’s sports med. class. Order by e-mail.

  18. Just in
    Specializes in first aid kits for work, home, car, and boat. Based in Queensland, Australia.

  19. Quadmed, Inc.
    Offers first aid and a catalog of emergency medical supplies.

  20. Rid-A-Tick, LLC
    Specializes in medical patches designed to easily remove wood ticks and deer ticks from people and pets without the use of tweezers.

  21. Selles Medical
    Suppliers of first aid equipment accessories, plasters, bandages, eye wash, dressings, and surgical equipment.

  22. SP Services(UK) Ltd.
    Includes emergency tools, first aid, rescue equipment, books, and advanced scene medical equipment.

  23. St. John Ambulance Halton Hills
    Offers a variety of first aid supplies and books.

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