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  1. AU – Paramount Targetsports
    Paramount Targetsports is a Brisbane, Australia based Target shooting club. Focus is on juniors and the ISSF (olympic)diciplines of Small Bore Rifle, Air Rifle and soon Air Pistol.
  2. AU – Sunshine Coast Shooting Club Inc
    Sporting Shooting Club on Australia’s beautiful Sunshine Coast, offering competitions at all levels including international postal events.
  3. Champion Shooters Supply
    New Albany Ohio, USA
  4. Colt Woodsman (.22 calibre )
    This is an html version of my Colt Woodsman Pocket Guide. It includes manufacture dates by serial number, parts diagrams, takedown and assembly instructions, bibliography, and tables of features.
  5. Colt Woodsman by Bob Rayburn
    An online guide to the Colt Woodsman .22 caliber semi-automatic pistol.
  6. 22LR Conversions
    Our kits allow you to convert your gun quickly and easily by changing the slide to shoot .22 LR ammunition.
  7. MA – Lawrence Rod & Gun Club – Indoor Pistol & Rifle (.22)
    Indoor pistol and rifle matches (.22 caliber) are held each Tuesday evening at 7pm and is open to members only.
  8. National Smallbore Rifle Association
    The govening body of the sport in the UK. Includes information for beginners and links to find your nearest rifle range.
  9. NJ – Shooting
    Smallbore and air rifle shooting in New Jersey. Mostly for junior shooters and beginners.
  10. Polar Bear Leagues
    A Winter /Summer 50M small-bore prone rifle competition for all levels of shooters. Arranged by average,10 persons per division over 9 rounds of 20 shots per round.An inexpensive competition devised primerly for practice with a competive edge.
  11. Riflesports.com
    A website dedicated to the air rifle and smallbore sports. It includes guides on how to improve your shooting, how to pick equipment and has scores from current matches from all around the world.
  12. Rimfire Sports & Custom
    Specialists in sporting rimfire firearms and accessories, especially for the Ruger Mark II and 22/45 pistols and Ruger 10/22 rifles, with custom firearm parts from Volquartsen, Ranch Products, and others.
  13. Spišská Nová Ves
    The Slovak sport shooting federation organizes in Spisska Nova Ves an international competition.
  14. Stirton.com – Rifle Shooting Forums
    Public Forums Covering all aspects of rifle shooting.
  15. Ston’s Ruger 10-22’s
    Pictures, information, links, and other cool stuff to do with Ruger 10/22s.
  16. Target Rifle Victoria (Australia)
    Promoting Olympic level ‘3 Position’ and prone competitive small bore and air rifle target shooting according to international ISSF rules. Membership and media enquiries welcome.
  17. Tenrings
    Information and tips on competition and precision air weapons shooting.
  18. U.S. Rimfire Association
    USRA-IR50/50 is a nationally recognized .22 rimfire benchrest competition that contests a competitor’s shooting skills from the bench.
  19. VT – Burlington Rifle and Pistol Club Juniors (BRPC)
    A club dedicated to developing young athletes to compete in NRA and USA Olympic shooting disciplines at the national level. Located in Colchester. Vermont, USA.