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Tactical Weapons and Accessories

  1. www.armortex.com

    Armortex brand lightweight bullet resistant fiberglass, bullet resistant and containment glazing, bullet resistant transaction windows, pass-thru transaction equipment (drawers, hoppers, dip trays), speakers, gunports, guard towers, gun lockers, man traps, bullet resistant doors and related security equipment.

  2. Beretta USA

    Training courses for armorers and field use of tactical weapons

  3. Birdman Weapon Systems

    Ammunition, rifles and rifle kits, and other weapons

  4. Browning

    Browning Machine Gun Parts & Accessories

  5. Century International Arms

    Importer/exporter of surplus firearms gas masks and other accessories.

  6. Flag Factory

    A wonderful site filled with all kinds of US Military Flags

  7. www.turnersling.com

    High Power Competition Gear, Military Gear, Cowboy Action Gear, Police Tactical Gear

  8. Hitachi Industries

    Specialist’s in semiautomatic assault rifles, match, tactical and prohunter bolt action rifles. We have Books, videos, ammunition, magazines, scopes, and stocks. Online ordering.

  9. Kelly Co

    An online store selling every kind of metal detector

  10. Magills.com

    Catalog serious self-defense, fitness, hunting and concealment products.

  11. Mr. 40MM

    M203 & M79 Grenade Launchers and 40mm Ammo.

  12. Personal Arms.com.

    Personal and tactical arms. Stun Guns, Pepper Spray, Hidden Cameras, Self Defense weapons, Animal Repellents, Crossbows, Stun Batons, Handcuffs, Mace, Throwing Stars, Butterfly Knifes, Stun Batons, Tasers, Tear Gas, Telephone Voice Changers, Home Security Alarms

  13. Safari Land

    Products for Law Enforcement.

  14. Safety Basement

    Tasers, surveillance cameras, digital cameras, stun guns and other safety equipment.

  15. Protection Pros

    Hidden cameras, spy and surveillance caneras for personal and corporate and lodging industry use

  16. Safety Basement

    Tasers, stunguns, surveillance equipment, cyber-eye digital cameras and other personal safety equipment

  17. Self Defense Superstore

    Sales of everything from self defense videos to highly effective self defense tools such as pepper spray, stun guns and tasers some camouflaged as flashlights. Absolutely no sales
    to minors.

  18. Shyh Sing Enterprise Co.

    Taiwanese manufacturer of Stun Guns, Handcuffs, Flashlights, Batons, Shields, Alarms, Metal detectors, Bill Detectors, bulletproof vests and many other tactical products

  19. Southern Guns and ammo

    We Carry Ak’47’s and AR15’s From All The Big Suppliers Such As Colt, Bushmaster, Norinco, and Many More. Also, if You Shoot It, We Can Load It! We Have Name Brand Ammunition for any Handgun, Rifle or Shotgun.

  20. Self Defense Mace Pepper Spray and Stun Guns www.securitynet.net

    Self defense and safety products including pepper spray, mace, and stun guns

  21. Surefire Tactical Flashlights

    Manufacturer of high power Surefire flashlights, lithium batteries, lighting accessories, rechargeable and tactical lights, for law enforcement, military, self defense, Free Travel Info and outdoors use.

  22. Tactical Intervention Specialists

    – Rifle Accessories for Police, Military, and Civilian Marksmen.

  23. www.tac-pro.com

    Tactical Products Corporation is an industry leader in thermoformed plastics for law enforcement and military applications

  24. trigonelectronics.com

    Industrial security equipment to detect and deter intruders

  25. Wilson (USA)
    A great arms maker; Custom Pistols, Tactical Rifles, Shotguns, Tactical Knives, Gun Parts and Leather Goods