We try to provide you with the quickest and easiest way to get the information you want about Custom Guns. We update our list of manufacturers constantly as they come online. Please scroll down to learn more.

Custom Gun Makers

  1. Accuracy Systems

    Features custom rifles, rebarreling, AR15, Ruger Mini 14, Mini 30, AK variances, and Remington 700 actions.

  2. Arrington Accuracy Works

    National Match Rifles sales and repair, reloading supplies, apparel, spotting scopes.

  3. Bansner’s Ultimate Rifle

    Bansner’s Ultimate rifles produces a high quality custom made rifle.

  4. Brockman’s Custom Gunsmithing

    Custom rifles for big game hunting. Specializing in big bore bolt action rifles and customized lever action rifles.

  5. Clark Custom Guns

    Specializing in the customization of firearms for defense, competition, hunting and plinking.

  6. Cooper Arms

    Montana maker of custom long rifles for

  7. Custom Gunsmithing since 1972Custom Gunsmithing including Custom Rifles, Custom Stocks, Custom made Muzzle Brakes and Restoration of old guns. All work is done in house. Graduate Pennsylvania Gunsmith School 1973.
  8. Dawson PrecisionSells a wide range of accessories and customizing products as well as customized guns.
  9. Drilling HotlineSpecializes in combination guns, drillings, and double rifles by Krieghoff, J.P. Sauer, Merkel, and Colt Sauer.
  10. John Foster Gunmaker(UK)Beautiful Top Quality Custom English double barrel shotguns; also is a dealer and does reconstruction and restoration
  11. Gunsmoke Gunsmithing Inc.
    Gunsmoke builds the finest in custom firearms, from heavy rifles for African adventures to defensive pistols.
  12. Hatcher Gun CompanyCustom handguns and rifles. NFA Class II manufacturer of machineguns, short barreled shotguns, and short barreled rifles.
  13. Heinie Specialty Products– Manufactures and markets a range of sights and other accessories as well as custom guns and gunsmithing.
  14. Jarrett Rifles, Inc.
    Manufacturer of custom rifles and ammunition.
  15. LaRocca Gun WorksCustom handguns, rifles and shotguns; antique firearm restoration; MAGNAPORT authorized dealer.
  16. Mike’s Shooters SuppliesBuilds match grade rifles for NRA highpower competition. Services are offered for, but not limited to, AR15 / M16, M14 / M1A, M1 Garand, plus custom bolt guns based on M70 Win / M700 Rem actions.
  17. The Montana RiflemanCustom manufacturer of the highest quality chrome moly and stainless steel rifle barrels and muzzle brakes.
  18. William Powell and Sons(UK)

    Hand made English double barrel shotguns

  19. Richard’s Custom Rifles

    Custom Benchrest Rifles, Varmint Hunting Rifles, and custom hand made stocks.

  20. Stillers Precision Firearms, VIPER actions

    SPF builds custom target rifle actions and complete rifles for benchrest shooting and varmint hunting using VIPER actions.

  21. UK Precision Rifle Services Ltd

    Specialists in extreme rifle accuracy. A small business based in Scotland that builds custom rifles. Other services include rebarreling and stock machining.

  22. Waffen Klett

    Gunmaker with a long history in Europe. Used shotguns, custom rifles, fine guns, and custom leatherwork.