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Custom Shotgunsmiths


  1. AYA Fine Guns

    Fine quality Spanish over and under and side by side shot guns that can be customized to your requirements

  2. Luciano Bosis

    A custom Italian gunmaker in the great tradition of the craftsmen of northern Italy, the center of fine European arms since the 16th century

  3. Cole Arms

    Company makes premium custom shotguns for the discriminating trap shooter

  4. Famars di Abbiatico and Salvinelli

    Deluxe shotguns and rifles made to client’s specifications. Sidebyside and over and under for competition, hunting and big game.

  5. Franchi

    Beautiful, top quality, hand crafted Italian shotguns in the tradition of the upscale Italian custom gunmakers

  6. Glasgow Gun Makers (U. K. )

    Manufacturers, Repairers and Suppliers of quality shotguns, rifles, accessories and parts

  7. Holland and Holland
    New York, London and Paris; Rifles and Shotguns. Probably the finest English gunmaker in the world

  8. Kolar Arms Company (USA)

    Kolar Custom Made Skeet, Trap and Sporting Shotguns

  9. Frantelli Rizzini,

    Rizzini is one of the great Italian custom gun makers. The make only 25 guns a year. Each has over 1,000 ours of hand work.

  10. Weatherby(USA)

    A large line of over and under, semi automatic and custom shotguns; also makes a full line of 19 different rifle models to fit almost any hunting need.

  11. Wilson Combat Arms(USA)

    An established quality manufacturers of Custom Pistols, Shotguns, Tactical Rifles, Tactical Knives and Holsters