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Recommended Cleaning and Break-in for Rifle Barrels

  1. For the first five shots, Clean the barrel after each shot.
  2. For the next 50 shots, clean the barrel after each 5-shot group. The Barrel is now broken-in.
  3. To maintain the quality of the barrel, we recommend cleaning within every 20 shots. The term “cleaning the barrel” as stated above means:
  4. Use a plastic coated cleaning rod, a bronze brush, flannel patches and a quality bore solvent. Saturate the brush with solvent and make 20 passes though the barrel (10 cycles). Let the solvent soak in the barrel for 10 minutes, then saturate the brush again with solvent and make 20 more passes thought the barrel. Push 3 patches through the barrel to remove excess solvent and loosend fouling.
  5. That is it, you barrel is clean and should provide you with many more eventful days.Good shooting!

Bore Cleaner Requirements


A good Bore Cleaner will:

  1. Remove copper, lead & powder residue from the bore and exterior of guns
  1. Leave your gun absolutely dry after application
  2. Reduce cleaning and maintenance time
  3. Reduce copper fouling by more than 50%
  4. Reduce lead fouling by more than 20%
  5. Increase muzzle velocity
  6. Reduce or eliminate jamming
  7. Protect against rust better than other known products, even against corrosive ammo and primers
  8. Extend number of rounds that can be fired between cleanings (especially with black powder guns)
  9. Help maintain or even reduce group size
  10. Help extend barrel life
  11. Not burn, leave a residue, congeal or collect dust
  12. Not leech into primers

Not freeze down to -50o Fahrenheit (-46o Celsius)


Gun Care Manufacturers

  1. 20/20 Concepts
    Maker of the PatchWorm cleaning rod and glow-in-the-dark Sight Paint.

  2. Borecote
    Gun cleaner, lube & protectant for ALL weapons.

  3. Bear Coat
    This the finish used by Les Baer, Weatherby

  4. Birchwood Casey
    Metal finishing systems

  5. Browning Arms Company
    A complete line of quality gun products

  6. Cheif’s Pro Clean for Muzzleloaders
    Get back in the groove and back on target with Chief’s #1 Pro Clean tools

  7. Choke Shine Products
    All New G.E.M.S. products

  8. Flitz
    A premium line of gun cleansers and metal polishes

  9. Hoppes Gun Care Products
    Hoppes World Famous Gun Cleaning Kits

  10. Kleen-Bore
    Quality gun care products

  11. MPro7 Products
    Technologically advanced cleaning & lube products. 100% guaranteed.>

  12. Microlon Products
    Premium lubricating products for all types of firearms, fishings, atvs, boats, autos, motorcycles

  13. MILITEC-1
    Offers a Synthetic Metal Conditioner for Firearms

  14. Napier of London
    A full line of Quality English gun care products

  15. Novum Solutions
    Blue Wonder Gun Blue bonds gold, silver, nickel, copper and chromium to deliver factory quality results; economical and easy to use; also makes a Gun Cleaner gel that completely removes rust, copper and lead powder and plastic residues leaving a chemically clean, bare metal surface.
  16. Outers
    Gun chemicals, solvents, targets and traps; GunSlick Lubricants are considered the finest gun care products.

  17. Rifle Guard
    A clear urethane material that goes on virtually invisible and will protect your rifle’s stock from unsightly scratches and nicks, while keeping your gun stock looking brand new

  18. Rocky Mountain Ballistol
    BALLISTOL LUBE Perfect for Cleaning, Lubricating, Protecting, and Preserving Your Guns and Equipment

  19. Sentry Solutions
    Sentry Solutions is a leading manufacturer of lubricants and protectants for sports enthusiasts: a dry lubrication system that has revolutionized the industry; dirt, powder and contaminants will not stick to any surface treated; rust and corrosion protection lasts a long time; for Guns, Archery and Fishing Equipment

  20. Sharp Shoot R
    Makes and sells Bore Ceatrners, Degreasers, Lubricants, Hunting Towels and Hunting Software; also has Free targets and ballistic data

  21. Shooter’s Choice
    Manufacturers of cleaning and maintenance products for guns and firearms.

  22. Shooter’s Safety Products
    Finest in Hearing & Eye Protection & Gun Care Products.

  23. ShooterSolutions Improvements and Finishing
    Specialize in the supply, support, and application of the best finishes and treatments in the World.

  24. Solco Manufacturing
    A patented solvent dispensing cleaning rod.

  25. MPH – Strike-Hold
    A penetrant, lubricant, demoisturizer and protectant that is rapidly replacing other products the military uses for weapons cleaning and maintenance. Currently used by the 82nd and 101st Airborne Divisions as well as numerous Law Enforcement Agencies and many others.

  26. Spec-Tech Industries Inc.
    Ruger M77MKII triggers, 1911 safeties, knives, firearms lubes, gun cases.