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  1. Dave Lanara Restorations
    You have entered the home of the finest Colt Single Action Restorations available. This is our 15th year working full time on these fine old Colts. Single actions are the ONLY guns I work on. Specialization is the only way to do it right! For those of you who are into our great Western history, you will periodically find comments and stories about various characters who actually used single actions during their lifetimes. There are many fascinating chapters in the lives of these men that have never been told. Click on the Western history link to find them.

  2. Restoration Products
    Picreator Enterprises Ltd. of London, England
    By appointment to Her Majesty The Queen: Supplier of Products for Restoration and Conservation – Renaissance Wax/Polish along with our other fine supplies renowned for their quality, consistency and reliability – used by museums, galleries, professionals and collectors worldwide.

  3. Turnbull Restoration
    We specialize in the restoration & preservation of firearms made from 1880 to 1940. We do work on Colt, Winchester, Marlin, Parker, Fox, L.C. Smith & Ithaca guns. We are the only restoration service that uses all of the old original metal finishes such as Bone Charcoal Color Case Hardening, Carbona Bluing, Rust Bluing & Nitre Bluing.