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  1. Bushmaster
    Parts and Accessories for many different makes of rifles

  2. Clymer
    Cutting and Gunsmiths tools

  3. Cryo Plus
    – Cryogenic treatment of all metal cutting tools, gun barrels, engine components, brass instruments, and stamping dies.

  4. Cryopro Temper-Master
    – Temper-Master cryogenic processor manufacturing and tempering. Improves durability and performance of tools, musical instruments, and gun barrels. In Springfield, MO.

  5. Clymer
    Cutting and Gunsmiths tools

  6. Cylinder and Slide, Inc
    Pistolsmithing and pistol parts and accessories

  7. Foster
    Foster Gun Tools

  8. GRS Tools
    – Gun, knife, and jewelry engraving supplies including GraverMax and Gravermeister impact power engraving machines

  9. Gage Bilt Rivet Tools
    – Manufactures air, hydraulic, pneumatic, pneudraulic rivet guns and fasterner tools used with pop-rivets, blind-rivets and lockbolts for aerospace and commercial industries.

  10. Gunsmith Tools
    – Supplier for gunsmiths, gun parts, firearms and shooting

  11. Gunsmither Tools
    – Unique gunsmithing tools for cleaning, repairing, and maintaining all kinds of guns including black powder. Gun care tips page.

  12. Haedong Special Machinery Co., Ltd.
    – Manufactures special cutting tools, gun reamer, burnishing drill and burnishing reamer, twist step drill, 3S drill, form tools

    Gun Care Tools

  13. Makarov
    Springs, cleaning rods and replacement parts

  14. Remington Arms Company, Inc. (USA)
    Remington Gun Tools

  15. Speedloaders
    By Maxfire: no mechanical moving parts; precision alignment of the cartridges and chambers of the cylinder

  16. Sprinco USA
    Site features price list for pistol springs, recoil reducers, and guide rods

  17. Springfield Armory
    Springfield Armory Magazines, Tools and Parts

  18. Wolff Gunsprings
    On-line catalog, FAQ section, and E-mail link for specific questions!

  19. Yankee Hill Machine Company, Inc
    Manufacturer of high quality firearms accessories, providing both the military and sportsman concerned with quality.

  20. Gemtech
    Manufacturers of sound suppressors for firearms from .22LR pistols to the .50 BMG M2.

Timers and Chronographs


  1. Competitive Edge Dynamics
    – Offers electronic timers and sales marketed by this firm.

  2. Oehler Research, Inc.
    – Features ballistic chronographs, sky screens, and software made by this firm.

  3. PACT Inc
    . – Chronographs, timers, and digital precision powder scales

  4. R. U. Ready
    – Offers the Speed Timer line as well as accessories like large display screens.

  5. Shooting Chrony Inc.
    – Features the chronographs made by this firm that measure the speed of projectiles from 30 to 7000 feet per second.

  6. Cylinder and Slide, IncĀ 

    Pistolsmithing and pistol parts and accessories