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Pistol Manufacturers

  1. Accu-Tek (USA)

    Stainless Steel Compact

  2. Aro-Tek, Inc

    Offers a variety of Glock accessories such as laser sights, compensators, releases, and articles and information about the pistol.

  3. Benelli Armi SPA
    Benelli, One of Italy’s Great Pistol Makers (Italy); beautiful quality pistols demanded by world class marksmen
  4. Beretta, (Italy)
    The oldest manufacturing company in the world , famous for it reliable high quality; one of the great pistol and gunmakers in the world
  5. Beretta USA
    The American Division of the Famous Italian Gunmaker; rifles, shotguns, pistols, knives, clothing and all gun accessories
  6. Bond Arms (USA)
    Beautifully made 3″ Derringers
  7. Ed Brown
    Ed Brown (UK)
  8. Browning Arms Co. (USA)

    Browning automatic pistols, among the best in the world

  9. Burns Custom
    1911 single stack carry guns in 45 ACP and 9×23 Win.

  10. Colt’s Pistols and revolvers(USA)
    Colt Manufacturing Company

  11. CUNO M  .22 .38 and 38 magnums, holsters; also Air Pistols and Stun Guns
  12. Cylinder and Slide, Inc

    1911 pistols, pistolsmithing and pistol parts and accessories

  13. FN Manufacturing,Inc.
    A precision machining manufacturer specializing in the production of the 49 pistol, small caliber weapons and machine guns such as M16, M240, M249 and the SAW for military and law enforcement markets.

  14. Freedom Arms Inc.
    Freedom Arms (USA)

  15. Glock Austria

    This is the Official Glock Website: Glock, one of the most famous pistol makers in the world

  16. GlockMeister

    Service, Parts, Accessories and Lots of FREE Glock Information

  17. High Standard Manufacturing Co.(USA)
    10X High Standard Target Pistols

  18. Kahr Arms Homepage

    Site features info on manufacturer’s pistols and accessories

  19. Kimber of America IncConsidered the finest 1911 pistols ever produced; Also makes Rifles and night sights
  20. Les Baer (USA)

    Les Baer Custom made, high performance pistols

  21. Lone Wolf Distributors

    Glock Accessories

  22. Magnum Research Inc. (USA)

    Dessert Eagle, Lone Eagle, Baby Eagle and BFR 50, 45, 444 and 454 caliber revolvers

  23. Olympic Arms (USA)

    – Manufacturer of the finest AR-15 style firearms. They also produce 1911 handguns, custom bolt rifles

  24. Para-Ordnance(Canada)Para-Ordnance

    Canadian pistol