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Luggage Makers

  1. Bag O’ Hemp
    USA. Design and manufacture of purses, hats, back packs and fashion accessories, from hemp. On-line shopping.

  2. Billy Bag
    London-based designers and makers of ten ranges of purses, bags, handbags and luggage offer shop locator and mail order service

  3. Crafts and Creations
    Korea. Manufacturers of bags and caps for corporate and consumer uses. Custom design and printing of logo’s and styles. English and Korean

  4. Datrek
    Makers of golf bags, luggage, Free Travel Info covers, available with custom designs

  5. ebags.com
    The largest online retailer for sports bags, backpacks, luggage, handbags, and accessories with a good selection of hunting bags.

  6. He Tang Bag Factory, Inc
    China. Manufacturers of bags, briefcases and handbags, from leather and PVC.

  7. JAC Custom Pouches, Inc
    USA. Standard and custom designed pouches for personal and professional uses. Embroidery and silk screen printing services.

  8. Kam Pon Handbag Manufactory, Inc
    Hong Kong. Design and manufacture of luggage, handbags, back packs and briefcases, from genuine and artificial leather, and textile materials. Also, clothing accessories.

  9. Keep Profit Industrial, Inc
    Hong Kong. Manufacturers of computer cases, backpacks, portfolios and trolley cases.

  10. Kool Pak, Inc
    USA. Custom designed insulated bags, totes, and bottle paks, imprinted with corporate, charity or other organization logo and identity.

  11. Kuttu International
    India. Design and manufacture of fashion handbags, back packs, and sports and Free Travel Info bags, from cotton canvas, jute and leather. Also, custom made promotional bags.

  12. Leed’s World
    USA. Collections of bags, portfolios, luggage and accessories, from leather and textile materials. Logo embossing, screen printing and embroidery services. On-line job offerings.

  13. Man Tong Plastic Industrial Co
    Hong Kong. Manufacturers of all-purpose carrying bags and back packs, from polyestr and polyamide fabrics.

  14. Mr.Hong Kong
    China. Back bags, duffel bag, promotion bag trolley case, luggage cart, school bag, funny bag, eve case, wheel bag, shopping bag, and related items.

  15. 300 Weatherby Mag
    Luggage and leather goods; superior craftsmanship, durability and innovation; founded in 1901 and has specialized in manufacturing luggage since the10960s; much of its luggage is made by skilled laborers from Iowa