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Informational Sites


  1. Carbines for Collectors

    marvelous informational site for information on such guns as Mosin, Nagant~SKS~Mauser, Carcano~Arisaka~Steyr Mannlicher, Commission 88

  2. Mel’s Sniper Rifle Page

    A marvelous informational site for information on sniper tactics and rifles from all over the world; not fancy but very informative

Shooting Advice
Courtesy of Split Rail Outfitters

I suggest you sight your rifle in to hit 2 to 2.5 inches high at 100 yards; that will put most rifles dead on at 200 yards and 6 to 8 inches low at 300 yards. This allows you to hold right on the animal at all reasonable ranges and not worry about holding over or under. When you get it sighted in, get away from the bench and shoot it from hunting positions. Then do three things – practice, practice and practice.

Gun Makers

  1. www.accuracyinternational.com

    Sniper rifle systems that are the first choice of the US Marines sniper teams and other professional users in elite units worldwide

  2. AR-7 Industries

    Lightweight sportsman’s version of the famous U.S. Air Force survival rifle breaks down in seconds, enabling barrel, action and magazine to fit neatly into its dirt and water resistant stock.

  3. ArmaLite Inc.(USA)
    Inventors of the AR-15; Makers of everything from .22 to .50 caliber rifles backed by the best warranty in the market

  4. Arms Corporation fo the PhilipinesAirgns; also Shotguns, Pistols, Rifles, Pellets, Rim and centerfire Ammunition: The largest Arms and Ammunition maker in South East Asia
  5. Arrington

    Match m1, m 14/m1a, ar15 rifles and bolt competition rifles: two out of 10 National Champions at Camp Perry, 1997 used Arrington Accuracy National Match Service Rifles

  6. Auto-ordnance (USA)

    Makers of the Tommy Gun

  7. Beretta (USA)

    The North American Division of the famous Italian gunmaker

  8. Bounty Hunter Rifles (USA)

    European American Armory Importers of Bounty Hunter Rifles

  9. Brown Precision Rifles (USA)

    Custom made High Performance Rifles

  10. Browning Arms Co. (USA)
    Browning, one of America’s great gun manufacturers, has a large diversified line of hunting equipment from rifles, pistols and shotguns to bows, fishing equipment and hunting clothes

  11. Ceska Zbrojavka (Czech Republic)

    A very complete line offering a wide choice of
    superb Czech pistols shotguns and rifles

  12. Cooper Firearms (USA)

    Ultra-accurate, single shot and repeating, bolt action rifles in three basic stock designs and a variety of calibers ranging from custom cartridges like the .17 Squirrel to
    the .25-06 Ackley Improved.

  13. DSA Arms (USA)

    DSA’s SA58 is, without doubt, the finest and most accurate FAL-type rifle ever produced” — Excerpted from Soldier of Fortune Magazine, October 2000; Also Parts, Accessories, Optics, Ammunition, Knives and Gun Cases

  14. Dakota Arms

    Specializes in Rifles, Shotguns, Cartridges and Brass, Clothing and Books

  15. Feather Rifles

    Maker of Lightweight Rifles and Accessories for Shooter’s, Varmint Hunting, Camping, etc. Rifles may be fired in the Extended or Stored Position and upgraded with Red Dot Scopes, Slings, Bipods, High Capacity Magazines, Lasers, Rifle Cases, Barrel Shrouds, High Accuracy Barrels and Colt AR15 Stocks or Car Tactical.

  16. Fulton Armory

    Makers of the M1, M14, Ar15 and the M1 Carbine

  17. Frohner Waffen (Germany)

    Sabatti custom made, hand crafted rifles. Best workmanship guaranteed

  18. Gibbs Rifle Company

    Welcome to Gibbs Rifle Company Online..supplier of Military
    Collectibles, Historical Remakes and Sport Specialty(TM) Rifles.

  19. Glasgow Gun Makers (U. K. )

    Manufacturers, Repairers and Suppliers of quality rifles, Shotguns, accessories and parts

  20. Harris Gunworks Inc. (USA)

    Extremely accurate 50 caliber sniper rifles used
    by the U. S. Army for long range (2,000 yrds) shooting

  21. Heckler&Koch (Germany)

    The Official Page of the World renown armaments maker

  22. Herstal Group

    Browning designs, manufactures, and markets a wide range of firearms and ammunition under the Browning, Winchester, and Miroku brands.

  23. Iron Brigade Armoury

    “Built to exceed USMC specifications,
    the Chandler Sniper Rifle is the most accurate long range sniper system SOF has ever tested

  24. Lazzeroni Arms Company (USA)

    Fine hunting rifles and cartridges for unsurpassed accuracy (USA)

  25. Les Baer Custom, Inc.

    An innovative manufacturer of high quality, limited edition AR 223 rifles and competition grade pistols

  26. Magnum Research, Inc.

    Mountain Eagle Hunting and Varmint Rifles

  27. Mannlicher

    Mannlicher Famous Hunting Rifles (Austria)

  28. Marlin Firearms Company (USA)

    Marlin America’s Favorite Gunmaker

  29. Olympic Arms (USA)
    Olympic Arms

  30. Remington Arms, Comapny, Inc. USA

    Remington Arms; one of the great American firearms manufacturers

  31. Remtek

    Galil and Uzi series Machine Guns and Automatic Rifles

  32. Rossi Firearms(Brazil)

  33. Ruger Firearms Company Inc. (USA)
    Another of the great American rifle, shotgun and pistol makers

Custom Gunmakers

  1. Accuracy Systems

    Features custom rifles, rebarreling, AR15, Ruger Mini 14, Mini 30, AK variances, and Remington 700 actions.

  2. Stillers Precision Firearms, Viper actions

    SPF builds custom target rifle actions and complete rifles for benchrest shooting and varmint hunting using Viper actions.

  3. Brockman’s Custom Gunsmithing

    Custom rifles for big game hunting. Specializing in big bore bolt action rifles and customized lever action rifles.

  4. Ed Brown Products

    High performance custom bolt action rifles and 1911 pistols

  5. Christensen ArmsEd Brown

    High performance custom bolt rifles built around the graphite barrel Dr. Roland Christensen and Evan Mitchell invented in 1995.

  6. Clark Custom Guns

    Beautiful custom guns

  7. Custom Gunsmithing since 1972

    Custom Gunsmithing including Custom Rifles, Custom Stocks, Custom made Muzzle Brakes and Restoration of old guns. All work is done in house. Graduate Pennsylvania Gunsmith School 1973

  8. Famars di Abbiatico and Salvinelli

    Deluxe shotguns and rifles made to client’s specifications. Sidebyside and over and under for competition, hunting and big game.

  9. John Foster Gunmaker(UK)

    Beautiful Top Quality Custom English double barrel shotguns; also is a dealer and does reconstruction and restoration

  10. Fulton Armory

    Makers of the M1, M14, Ar15 and the M1 Carbine

  11. www.gentrycustom.com

    Custom Rifles

  12. Hill Country Rifles

    Guarantees their custom rifles to consistently shoot 3-shot groups at 100 yards that measure 1/2″ or better center to center, with factory ammunition

  13. Gunsmoke Gunsmithing Inc.

    Gunsmoke builds the finest in custom firearms, from heavy rifles for African adventures to defensive pistols.

  14. Hatcher Gun Company

    Custom handguns and rifles. NFA Class II manufacturer of machineguns, short barreled shotguns, and short barreled rifles.

  15. Jarrett Rifles,

    Manufacturer of custom rifles and ammunition.

  16. LaRocca Gun Works

    Custom handguns, rifles and shotguns; antique firearm restoration; Magnaport authorized dealer.

  17. Score High Gunsmithing

    Custom rifles, muzzle brake work, pillar bedding, custom barrels, adding epoxy for glass bedding rifle stocks.

  18. UK Precision Rifle Services Inc

    Specialists in extreme rifle accuracy. A small business based in Scotland that builds custom rifles. Other services include rebarreling and stock machining.

  19. Waffen Klett

    Gunmaker with a long history in Europe. Used shotguns, custom rifles, fine guns, and custom leatherwork.

  20. Weatherby Custom Rifles (USA)

    Weatherby Custom Rifles; The finest firearms and accessories in the world

Assault Rifle Dealers

  1. Heckler & Koch

    Manufacturers of large calibre pistols and assault rifles.

  2. Military Style Trophies

    Offers moulded resin, plaque-mounted reproductions of popular law enforcement and military assault rifles, shotguns, machine guns and pistols.

  3. Impact Guns

    Sells machine guns, assault rifles, suppressors, ammunition, and law enforcement products

  4. Only The Best

    Offering firearms, electric BB guns, gas blowback, spring guns, and accessories. Buyer of pre-ban assault rifles and other firearms

  5. Hitach Industries

    Specialist’s in semi-automatic assault rifles, match, tactical and pro-hunter bolt action rifles. Books, videos, ammunition, magazines, scopes, and stocks. Online ordering.

Fine Gun Dealers

  1. Chadick’s, Inc.

    Purveyors of Vintage American and European Firearms.

  2. John Foster Gunmaker(UK)

    Beautiful Top Quality Custom English double barrel shotguns; also is a dealer and does reconstruction and restoration

  3. Griffin and Howe (USA)

    Griffin and Howe is one of finest, if not the finest gunsmith and reputable fine gun dealers in the world.

  4. Jaqua’s Fine Guns, Inc.

    Sponsors a Trap Club

  5. Samco Global Arms

    Elegant new and antique rifles for the hunter and collector

Articles and Information


  1. Adjusting the Savage 110 Trigger-Sniper Country