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  1. www.accuracyinternational.com

    Sniper rifle systems that are the first choice of the US Marines sniper teams and other professional users in elite units worldwide. Tactical/sniper rifle systems; With every component manufactured from corrosion resistant material or given a protective finish prior to assembly whether used for marine operations, in the desert or the arctic.

  2. ArmaLite Inc.(USA)
    Inventors of the AR-15; Makers of everything from .22 to .50 caliber rifles backed by the best warranty in the market

  3. Arrington

    Match m1, m 14/m1a, ar15 rifles and bolt competition rifles: two out of 10 National Champions at Camp Perry, 1997 used Arrington Accuracy National Match Service Rifles

  4. Beretta (Italy)

    Not only the oldest gunmaker in the world but the oldest manufacturing company; Famous thoroughout the world for its absolute dedication to quality

  5. Browning Arms Co. (USA)
    Browning, one of America’s great gun manufacturers, has a large diversified line of hunting equipment from rifles, pistols and shotguns to bows, fishing equipment and hunting clothes

  6. Bushmaster (USA)

    Highest quality AR15 type rifles, carbines, specialty weapons parts and the M17S Bullpup the only American made bullpup design. We also make Gov’t .45 pistol parts; custom shotgun parts; shooting and gunsmithing supplies and accessories

  7. Ceska Zbrojavka (Czech Republic)

    A very complete line offering a wide choice of superb Czech pistols shotguns and rifles

  8. DPMS Panter Arms

    Manufactures various types of AR15 rifles, also offers kits, barrels, and accessories

  9. FN Manutacturing

    A precision machining manufacturer specializing in the production of small caliber weapons and machine guns such as M16, M240, M249, SAW, and the 49 pistol for military and law enforcement markets

  10. Glock GmbH (Austria)

    Glock famous 9 mm pistols

  11. Impact Guns

    – Sells machine guns, Military Rifles, suppressors, ammunition, and law enforcement products

  12. Iron Brigade Armoury

    “Built to exceed USMC specifications, the Chandler Sniper Rifle is the most accurate long range sniper system SOF has ever tested

  13. H. Krieghoff GmbH

    This firm has been crafting fine shotguns and rifles in Ulm Germany for 115 years.

  14. Only The Best

    – Offering firearms, electric BB guns, gas blowback, spring guns, and accessories. Buyer of pre-ban Military Rifles and other firearms

  15. Remington Arms, Comapny, Inc. USA

    Remington Arms; one of the great American firearms manufacturers

  16. Wilson (USA)
    A great arms maker; Custom Pistols, Tactical Rifles, Shotguns, Tactical Knives, Gun Parts and Leathergoods

  17. Winchester
    Winchester Rifles and Shotguns

    One of Americas great gunmakers; rifles, shotguns, historical guns and small lightweight guns